It's about time that SQEX makes an action figure of someone from Final Fantasy VI (my top 1 FF game). Well, not really from the actual FFVI game but from Dissidia Final Fantasy Arcade/NT. That someone is Terra Branford (or Tina). She's represents FFVI along with the recently added Locke Cole (my favorite FFVI character). I'm excited to unbox, review, pose and display her Play Arts Kai action figure on my display shelf.

He's an alcoholic, chain-smoker and foulmouthed like Barret... yep, he's a cranky-legged old man (Yuffie said it), but he lighten up a bit two years later. That's right, he's Cid Highwind from Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children. Oh wait, he's with Reeve's puppet, Cait Sith... what an unlikely duo. This is a Play Arts Kai action figures of Cid and Cait Sith is included making this technically a two action figure bundle.

Look, it's Zack Fair! The lively and energetic main protagonist of Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII who is a SOLDIER 1st Class from Gongaga that became a fugitive experiment test subject that's on a run with his friend, Cloud who's suffering from Mako poisoning... What, spoiler much? Anyway, I got his Play Arts Kai action figure and it's looking really good already, so let's start the review.

The hawk has landed! This is the DC Collectibles DC Bombshells Hawkgirl action figure designed by Ant Lucia. This figure belongs to the 2nd wave the DC Bombshells series. I knew Hawkgirl first than Hawkman, because I watched the Justice League animated series first. She's a tough redheaded winged woman who wields a magic mace  in that cartoon.

I was debating myself if I should review this toy or not, but here it is! I'm on a cheap budget and the Play Arts Kai action figure of the Diablos (or Diabolos) Armor from Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate are long sold out. So I got the next best thing, a bootleg version. This is my first "real" bootleg toy to review on this blog. As always, this one will get a fair review. This Rage Armor set is designed by Tetsuya Nomura as a collaboration between Capcom and Square-Enix.
In Randomly Random blog, lightning strikes more than 3 times in the same place. Dissidia Final Fantasy's FFXIII representative, Lightning gets a Play Arts Kai action figure treatment and it's a huge upgrade over the classic Lightning PAK when it comes to appearance. So how this new version fare with its older figure counterparts and some PAK figures? This is my first Dissidia PAK figure.

Nice of her to drop by. Here's the Play Arts Kai action figure of Final Fantasy XV's female mercenary Dragoon, Aranea Highwind. I don't know much about her because I haven't played the game that long but she is my favorite female character when it comes to her design, looks and very adult-like and playful vibe.

First toy review of the year! Here's the DC Collectibles action figure of DC Bombshells Katana. This action figure is part of the 2nd wave of the DC Designer Series of action figures designed by Ant Lucia. Katana is one of my favorite female DC superhero. I became a fan after I saw her in the Arrow TV series and Suicide Squad movie.

I requested this little toy from my older sister in Canada months ago and now it's here! This is the Final Fantasy XIV Mascot figure of Nanamo Ul Namo and she's in sitting pose. She's a character from Final Fantasy XIV. She's the 17th sultana of Ul'dah, she's royalty. And no, she's not a kid, she's a Lalafell - a race of cute little people of Hydaelyn (FFXIV's world). To be specific she's a Dunesfolk Lalafell and she's in her 20's.

I found it difficult to track down these DC Bombshells action figures by DC Collectibles. I managed to buy one and she's Batwoman. This action figure is part of the DC Designer Series and the guy who designed these DC Bombshells heroines is Ant Lucia.

You'll definitely going to need this Play Arts Kai action figure if you already have a Noctis PAK. That's because she is Noctis' bride-to-be in Final Fantasy XV. Lunafreya Nox Fleuret is an Oracle that can stop the plague called Starscourge and heal those who are affected by it. She has a duty to fulfill and she's not a typical damsel in distress type of character.
She kept me waiting and now she's here. Cindy Aurum arrived at my place in a form of a Play Arts Kai action figure. Cindy is the mechanic of Hammerhead and granddaughter of Cid Aurm from Final Fantasy XV. She's named Cidney in the Japanese version technically making her the first female Cid in Final Fantasy.
Alright! I will be reviewing DC Bombshells Harley Quinn action figure from DC Collectibles. This is my first DC Collectible figure, so I'm excited to review it. DC Bombshells have 1940's or World War II style artwork and design of DC's heroes and villains (mostly females) by Ant Lucia.
The One Winged Angel cometh! Final Fantasy VII's evil mama's boy, Sephiroth finally arrived at my place in Play Arts Kai action figure form for an honest review. Huh, if you get this action figure, you kinda get almost all versions of him: the original (or remake), Crisis Core and Advent Children versions because he wears the same clothing in those two games and movie.
I read a few old and recent Deadpool comics so I kinda know this character. He gained more popularity being playable in Marvel vs. Capcom 3. Then he got his own video game and movie. So now I'm gonna review his action figure. But this Deadpool action figure that I got is unusual. It's an unofficial Marvel figure from "Fire Toy", an unknown toy company. The reason I chose this one because it's a cool looking and random figure. I found this toy while walking around the mall. Oh, he also have two color variations: white (X-force) and gold.

[Gabranth] Final Fantasy XII Play Arts Kai Review
I gave up on finding a Dissidia Gabranth PAK after my multiple failed attempts to find it on lots of toy stores. Few years later, Fran PAK got announced. Then the HD remaster of FFXII got announced this year (2016). My hype and anticipation of seeing another Gabranth PAK got ignited once again. And now it's here, the new large scale Gabranth FFXII Play Arts Kai figure on my mitts, wow! Sometimes it's good to wait.
[Noctis] Final Fantasy XV Play Arts Kai Review
The first ever playable prince that's a main dude in the main line of Final Fantasy games. He's Noctis Lucis Caelum, Noct for short, from Final Fantasy XV or formerly Versus XIII if you've been following the long development cycle of the game. I got his Play Arts Kai right here and I'm happy to have one. FF fans are still rushing to the toy stores to hunt and get this Noctis action figure as I write this review. And it's funny that the FFXV figures came out first than the game.

Took me a while to finish this review. Few months ago, I got this Play Arts Kai action figure of Lara Croft from her latest game, Rise of the Tomb Raider. I haven't played the game yet, I don't have an XBox One or a PC that can run this game so I don't know much about her latest adventure. But I watched some gameplay and story bits so that it will be much easier to review her action figure.
[Fran] Final Fantasy XII Play Arts Kai Review
Took her long enough to come out from her rabbit hole. Her Play Arts Kai figure is already good to go for mass production than Cloud and Tifa, but I guess the Advent Children (and other bunch of) PAKs got prioritized. Other reasons for her very long delay, MAYBE, is SQEX didn't want to spoil the HD treatment for FFXII, speculation much. Of whom am I talking about? Why it's Fran, Final Fantasy XII's bunny girl or Vierra.
[Riku] Kingdom Hearts 2 Play Arts Kai Review
SQEX took a very long time to make Riku a Kingdom Hearts 2 action figure. I've been waiting for this since the old Play Arts times but that didn't happen. Now that the latest Play Arts Kai action figure of Riku is here, it makes me so happy to have it on my mitts. I bought this one quick because I got left out when Riku's KH3D version got sold out and still can't find one even today. Riku is my favorite character in the Kingdom Hearts series, but as always, I will give a fair review on his action figure.
[Hatsune Miku] Variant Play Arts Kai Review
My first toy review of the year! This is a Variant Play Arts Kai of Hatsune Miku, designed by Tetsuya Nomura. She's a VOCALOID/Japanese 3D digital diva, or something. Why do I know someone (or something) like her? Well because she's so famous that she's almost everywhere. I'm not a fan of Miku, but I like her design. I bought this action figure of hers because it's a PAK, and yeah she's cute. Welp, I already researched the basics about Hatsune Miku so let's review her figure and see what it got.
[Catwoman] Variant Play Arts Kai Review
Catwoman is back as a new Variant Play Arts Kai this time. What, still no Arkham Knight version or a standard Variant version with a design that fits in with the rest of DC Variants? Tetsuya Nomura designed this Catwoman instead of Hitoshi Kondo. I'm pretty excited about this one because this PAK looks like it's a limited edition toy, and you guys probably know already that I like cats, so I bought it without hesitation. This is also my first Variant Play Arts Kai figure in my collection.
[Harley Quinn] Batman: Arkham Knight Play Arts Kai Review
This is the third Play Arts Kai figure of Harley Quinn from the Batman Arkham series of games. This new Harley PAK version is from the 4th video game Batman: Arkham Knight. While the two old Harley versions are great PAK figs, I didn't pick them up because of the new PAK standard larger scaling. Now this is the time to pick a new Harley Quinn PAK, so I did (pre-ordered it actually) and this new Harley action figure looks promising and it's cheaper than I expected.

[Serah Farron] FFXIII Play Arts Kai Review
It's not complete if Lightning is just standing on my display area without her dear sibling so I bought this elusive Play Arts Kai action figure of Serah, Lightning's younger sister. Why do female PAK characters difficult to acquire? This is the non-combatant FFXIII version, not XIII-2. I bought this toy out of curiosity design-wise and build-wise, and yes, this action figure is cute, it's rare and got pink hair (I like hot chics with pink hair).
[Barret Wallace] FFVII:AC Play Arts Kai Review
We got a foul-mouthed and loud meat here waiting for a review. Guy's name is Barret Wallace from the Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children movie. I'm pretty excited to get this big guy because this is the very first Barret Play Arts Kai action figure. Looks like SQEX is really aiming on completing the casts in PAK form. That's really awesome for fans and somehow very risky in business standpoint. So is this action figure of Barret really worth your money? Pssst, he's REALLY cheap.
[Cloud Strife] FFVII:AC Play Arts Kai Review
Heeey! It's a Play Arts Kai action figure of Square-Enix's cover boy, Cloud Strife from FFVII: Advent Children! Should I give a bit of the game, the movie and Cloud story? Nah, most of you guys know him already, he's like the Mario of Final Fantasy. Now, I don't want to race to get this or get left out because the stores ran out of stock, so I earned and prepared an extra cash and pre-orded this toy, and it's my very first pre-order. I just hope that there are less or no factory damage or any other issues on this awesome and surprisingly cheaper toy than Tifa.

[Tifa Lockhart] FFVII:AC Play Arts Kai Review
Another female character playing hard-to-get as a Play Arts Kai! She's a beautiful woman, physically and mentally strong, kind and motherly. She's also the owner of the 7th Heaven bar at Midgar and later at Edge. It's Tifa Lockhart from Final Fintasy VII: Advent Children movie! This toy got out of stock quickly, we all know the reasons why.

[Raiden] Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance Play Arts Kai Review
I got a cool Play Arts Kai figure to review! He is known as "White Devil", "Jack the Ripper" and "Pretty Boy". It's Raiden of Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance (I played and reviewed the game). This is one of the known badass versions of Raiden, the other one is the MGS4 Raiden (no PAK yet). I got this toy with the help from the awesome guys from Play Arts Kai Philippines Trading Group (PAKPTG). This is a 2nd hand PAK Raiden and will be treated as brand new for this review because it's in great condition and its accessories are complete minus the display stand.
[Sora] KH3D: Dream Drop Distance Play Arts Kai Review
Dream Drop Distance (or "3D") is the 6th Kingdom Hearts sequel for the Nintendo 3DS. Its story took place after Kingdom Hearts 2 and Re: Coded. It's also the last bridge towards Kingdom Hearts 3. Unfortunately, I haven't played the game yet, no 3DS, but I have the next good thing. I got this awesome Play Arts Kai figure of Sora as an alternative after failing yet again to search for a Vincent PAK. This version of Sora is from that KH3D game, and thanks to the dude at the store for lowering the price of this figure.
[Leon S. Kennedy] Resident Evil 6 Play Arts Kai Review
Resident Evil 6 is like a teenage kid with angst and mood swings. The game is good, then suddenly turns bad or boring, then it gets good again. But that didn't stop me from playing and finishing the game and buying this Play Arts Kai action figure of the babe magnet himself, Leon S. Kennedy. RE6 figures are already hinted to appear because the game have that action figure collecting part, but only two characters are made to be an actual real toy at the moment (by Square-Enix). Oh yeah, men like to be like him too, he's that awesome. Leon is my first male PAK figure.
[Lightning] LR:FFXIII Play Arts Kai Review
I got another Lightning PAK figure! Finally, I got my first PAK figure to review this year. This time she's got a new (and even sexier) default attire to wear for her latest and last entry of the FFXIII series, called Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII... can we just call it FFXIII-3? The figure came out first before the English version of the game. It was released the same month as the game's Japanese version last year. I had a hard time finding her, again... Lightning figures sure likes to play hard-to-get, unless you pre-ordered her. Now that I got her, let's review her shall we?

[Ace] Final Fantasy Trading Arts Kai Mini Review
It's the first day of the year and it's fitting that I review the Trading Arts Kai Mini action figure of a character whose name have the same meaning as the "number one". That character is none other than Ace, a card-wielding Peristylium Suzaku mage student that belongs to Class Zero from a very awesome and epic PSP game, Final Fantasy Type-0. I played and completed the game but it's only in Japanese (not even localized yet). I kinda understand the story a little, and everything I know about the game is enough for me to buy this mini Ace figure. He's also the first character that doesn't belong to any main Final Fantasy games.

[Heroes of Light] Final Fantasy Trading Arts Kai Mini Review
He's the first guy of the longest running video game series. The one that saved Square from utter destruction. Without him, Cloud, Tifa, Sephiroth, Squall, Tidus, Lightning and FF games in general won't exist. This nameless hero is called the Hero of Light (Warrior of Light) from the first Final Fantasy and Dissidia Final Fantasy game and finally he's given a toy treatment he deserves in form of a Trading Arts Kai Mini figure (and Variant Play Arts Kai version).
[Selphie Tilmitt] FFVIII Play Arts Review
Booyaka! That's what I said after getting this figure of Selphie because it's already on sale and I haggled it to lower the price even more! Now I got a few extra cash to fund my next PAK. I ran out of options so I bought this figure as my Plan B. While she is not my priority, she's still worth getting if you're a fan of FFVIII or Final Fantasy series in general. To me, she's the best offensive and defensive character in FFVIII because her [Slot] Limit Break. She can kill almost all enemies (even some bosses) by using "THE END" from [Slot]. She is always included in my party in the game together with Irvine.

This one took a long time to review (skateboarding accident and other reasons), but here it is. I got the Play Arts action figure of a Turk named Reno, one of the supporting characters and comic relief together with his buddy, Rude from the Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children movie. This is unusual because support characters have a rare chance of being made as a PA action figure. Maybe he's popular and cool enough to be made. The cool part is one of my reasons why I bought him. I got him super mint condition and it's cheaper than my Kairi figure.
It's time for another TAKM review! These little figures are like catnip or Pringles because I can't get enough of it! Enough about that. We're here to talk about this Cloud Strife mini figure. To those who didn't know Cloud, which is impossible if you're a long time gamer, he is the main protagonist of Final Fantasy VII and it's movie sequel, Advent Children.
It's been a while. I haven't reviewed any toys lately, because I don't have enough money to buy any Play Arts (Kai) figures. So, I bought an alternative... Trading Arts Kai Mini! The chibi figures that I also wanted to collect. My first TAKM figure is Lightning... a funny coincidence that she is also my first Play Arts Kai figure in my collection and her stock are also running low too at this time lol.
I went to the mall to sell some Pokemon cards then go home... well that's the original plan... but in some sort of impulse, me and my friend went to another adventure to find action figures. During our search, my friend stumbled upon this authentic Kairi figure. I don't want to spend cash at that time, but I can't let this one pass... This Kairi figure is now RARE and the market is plagued with bootlegged Play Arts/Kingdom Hearts figures then my friend is like a devil that tempted me to buy this figure and he knows my whole collection checklist... Darn it! But that's OK, I thought she's going to be expensive but I got her in mint condition and for a very LOW price. For its rarity, I'll say that this is a steal.

Hello, Batman fans, and cat lovers like me! I got a nice treat for ya... It's a Play Arts Kai figure of Selina Kyle A.K.A. Catwoman from an awesome game Batman: Arkham City. I still haven't played the game, I'll be picking up the Game of the Year version soon. All I know is that she is a burglar/heroine that has a complicated relationship with Batman (according to the short bio in the figure's box). I got this for cheap in a reputable store... sweet deal :D . And she's the first non Final Fantasy figure I got.
Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children is the second CG movie Square created (first one kinda sucked). It's a graphically great movie with a good story. Well enough about that. What we're going to discuss about is this figure of Kadaj, the leader of the Remnants of Sephiroth and the main villain of the movie (Sephiroth is just an extra... an awesome extra).
I always wanted to buy Square-Enix's Play Arts figures ever since it was first introduced years ago. But I don't have enough money to buy one during those years and it's hard to earn cash. Now those days are over and I finally got my first Play Arts (Play Arts Kai) figure.

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