January 05, 2018

[Toy Review] DC BOMBSHELLS KATANA - DC Collectibles Designer Series

First toy review of the year! Here's the DC Collectibles action figure of DC Bombshells Katana. This action figure is part of the 2nd wave of the DC Designer Series of action figures designed by Ant Lucia. Katana is one of my favorite female DC superhero. I became a fan after I saw her in the Arrow TV series and Suicide Squad movie.


Front and back of the box

There's a slight change in the design of the box, it's more stylized but still have the same shape. This is a windowed-type box where you can see the toy and its accessory inside. The side have the artwork of Katana. The back shows the other figures in the 2nd wave of the DC Bombshells set, Katana is number 8.

Katana sliced through the packaging
Packaging includes: Katana figure, Soultaker (sword)


Viewing Katana on four sides
Again, DC Collectibles didn't disappoint when it comes to the looks of the figure. Katana looks stunning! The figure looks presentable too.

She looks serious
Katana have a nice face, but it's on a neutral expression, I wish this figure have an interchangeable head with the pucked lips as seen on the artwork. The face is painted nicely especially the white make-up with a red rising sun that acts as her face mask.

Katana classic style hair.
Her hair is styled like a geisha's traditional hairdo, it looks good and she have a gold hair accessory.

The chopsticks also have a bow.
She also have those red "chopsticks" that's used to tie her hair, it's soft but can still break.

Katana's kimono
Katana is wearing a kimono, but looks sexier. I like the gold trimming and gold petals printed on the black kimono. Her maroon sash have a nice white circular prints around it and a sculpted gold thin rope.

Backside looks plain
Unfortunately, the back of the kimono doesn't have any printed gold petals. You can also see the big bow on her sash that ties and complete the look of her kimono.

That's a strong-looking arm.
Katana's sleeves are colored maroon and looks just fine and normal on the left side. She's also wearing black gloves.

The only armor on Katana's outfit.
The left side have a shoulder guard that's found in Japanese Samurai armors. It's metallic silver with red paint for the sculpted tiny ropes that links the metals to form the shoulder guard. The inner layer of the armor is painted  brown.

The front is only tattered...
The bottom-front part of the kimono is tattered, probably due to her countless sword battles. This is a separate piece that's made of soft plastic but glued on the figure.

...and the back is still perfect.
The kimono's bottom-back remained flawless. It's long and reaches the floor and like I said, it lacks the gold petals making the back part look bland.

Nice legs
The legs looks normal no added sculpt on them. There's nothing going on on the left leg.

The dragon tattoo maybe one of Katana's victims
The right leg have a dragon tattoo printed on the calf. The tattoo looks heat printed when you look closer and it's busted on my figure because the dragon's tail got cut off, Katana must have done this.

Standard pair of getas, no special design around them.
The feet looks good and wearing a pair of getas (Japanese wooden slippers). The getas are sculpted separately but they're loosely glued on the feet.


Well, this is sad. Katana only have one accessory in the packaging, the sword. I was hoping she'll have a demon warrior head that's present in her artwork and few figures. There are no extra hands either, what's going on here?

The Soultaker Sword
The Soultaker looks pretty basic and it's on a short side but painted nicely. The sword lacks the accessory dangling on the hilt. The sword is bendy, so that it wont break easily, unless you over-bend it.


Katana mostly have the same articulations found in DC Collectible figures, especially the Bombshells series. As expected, she's highly poseable but I think she's missing some articulation points.

Looking up to the sky.
Katana can look around really well, she can even look up very high and that's a thumbs up for me.

"The sass pose"
The chest articulation works pretty good. She can lean very well especially on any direction.

One of her sword kata pose.
The arms can fully rotate and have bicep swivel. The right arm have limited bicep movement because of the shoulder guard but it's not a big deal.

You ran out of luck if she's your enemy.
The good thing is that the shoulder guard doesn't hinder the when right when raising sidewards

Double-handed sword strike.
The elbows are double-hinged and both hands can swivel and have a hinge for more hand movement.

Back-handed stance
The ab hinge moves nicely adding more movement range to Katana's upper body. But the bow at the back restricts the movement to the back.

Attacking from above.
The legs have a hinge/ball-joint combo that helps both legs to raise up nicely forward, a little to the back and really high to the side by pulling the legs down for more movement range.


Be careful though, you might detach the legs from the socket if you pull them too much. By the way the legs doesn't have any thigh swivel, but they can twist on the ball joint.

"Prepare yourself!"
The knees are double-hinged that gives the legs a nice bending range and it looks good too.

Resting after a sword fight.
Both feet moves really well, they can point up and down and pivot but it doesn't have a toe hinge that this figure really needs.


Time for scale comparison, let's see if we're going to have height variations on these three DC Bombshells action figures.

A pilot (Harley), a geisha (Katana), and a baseball player (Batwoman)
Katana is on a tall side because of her getas. If the footwear is removed, she will likely have the same height as Batwoman. Harley is the shortest of the three. Huh, I just noticed that Katana's skin tone is a bit tan.


I found some few issues on the figure. The headculpt have an excess plastic underneath the chin. I fixed it by using a cutter and carefully trimming the extra plastic. The dragon tattoo have its tail cut off, probably the packaging's fault. It's really not that noticeable unless you look closer.


Katana is a nice addition on my growing collection of DC Bombshells action figures. The figure and its design looks really pretty and I like it a lot. Too bad Katana only have one accessory and lacks a few necessary ones like hands and some stuff. This figure is cheap and if you're a fan and collecting this particular series of action figures, better get this one fast because Katana is one of those best sellers because of her looks.

Pulling off her pose in her artwork.
Luckily, I have Tao Ren's Guardian Ghost, Bason from Shaman King as a substitute for that missing demon head.

Cheers and Happy Collecting!

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