November 29, 2012

[Toy Review] Kadaj FFVII AC Play Arts

[Review Updated: 06-07-13]

Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children is the second CG movie Square created (first one kinda sucked). It's a graphically great movie with a good story. Well enough about that. What we're going to discuss about is this figure of Kadaj, the leader of the Remnants of Sephiroth and the main villain of the movie (Sephiroth is just an extra... an awesome extra).

November 25, 2012

Don't Be A Gaming Addict

I've just read from the news that a 24-year-old man from Thailand was found dead in front of his computer. He died in the middle of an all-night gaming marathon. Any kind of addiction is bad and gives different effects on our lives.

I've been playing video games since I was 5, and I'm aware of this stuff., so I'll give you guys some gaming tips (not game walkthroughs lol!)

November 20, 2012

[Toy Review] Lightning FFXIII-2 Play Arts Kai

[Review Updated: 06-07-13]

I always wanted to buy Square-Enix's Play Arts figures ever since it was first introduced years ago. But I don't have enough money to buy one during those years and it's hard to earn cash. Now those days are over and I finally got my first Play Arts (Play Arts Kai) figure.

November 14, 2012

[Toy News] Upcomming Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy Play Arts Kai Figures

Square-Enix made another set of Kingdom Hearts figures and it's from the Dream, Drop, Distance title for the Nintendo 3DS. Release date May 2013

So what's in the set? Well, TRON Legacy versions of Sora and Riku. Both of them will come with a pair of hands and 3 keyblades and I hope these figures will come with a stand. It costs $84. (Source:

The other set is the default versions of Sora and Riku. I saw the unpainted prototypes in the photos taken from NYCC 2012 and toy forums.

It's cool that we're getting new KH figures. The question is, where's the KH Birth By Sleep figures?

Next will be on the Final Fantasy department.

The new figure is a character from Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children and it's the president of Shin-ra Electric Company, Rufus Shinra. I saw the prototype from the Comic Con photos. And within the SE booth, there's a "wall" there that probably teases another Cloud AC version figure. It makes me hesitant to get the old AC version of Cloud