March 31, 2016

Before You Buy Play Arts Kai Action Figures

So you want to collect SQEX's Play Arts Kai line of action figures? Well, let me help you rookies by sharing you the facts about Play Arts Kai based on my collecting experience so that you'll know what to expect from this toy line.

March 18, 2016

[Toy Review] Riku Kingdom Hearts 2 Play Arts Kai

SQEX took a very long time to make Riku a Kingdom Hearts 2 action figure. I've been waiting for this since the old Play Arts times but that didn't happen. Now that the latest Play Arts Kai action figure of Riku is here, it makes me so happy to have it on my mitts. I bought this one quick because I got left out when Riku's KH3D version got sold out and still can't find one even today. Riku is my favorite character in the Kingdom Hearts series, but as always, I will give a fair review on his action figure.

March 15, 2016

[Toy Review] Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Gadget Collection from Petron

I got a batch of nice stuff from a gasoline station. Petron have a gadget collection that features the characters from the movie Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice that will be showing in cinemas in March 26, 2016 (Philippines). Each character here have different gadget functions and I will be reviewing them all in this single post. By the way these are made as busts which is a nice touch in my opinion, it adds more epic sauce to it.

I classify these gadgets as toys or a novelty items and placed this review on my Various Toy Reviews page.