December 31, 2012

[Toy Review] Kairi Kingdom Hearts 2 Play Arts

I went to the mall to sell some Pokemon cards then go home... well that's the original plan... but in some sort of impulse, me and my friend went to another adventure to find action figures. During our search, my friend stumbled upon this authentic Kairi figure. I don't want to spend cash at that time, but I can't let this one pass... This Kairi figure is now RARE and the market is plagued with bootlegged Play Arts/Kingdom Hearts figures then my friend is like a devil that tempted me to buy this figure and he knows my whole collection checklist... Darn it! But that's OK, I thought she's going to be expensive but I got her in mint condition and for a very LOW price. For its rarity, I'll say that this is a steal.

December 23, 2012

[Toy Review] Catwoman Batman: Arkham City Play Arts Kai

Hello, Batman fans, and cat lovers like me! I got a nice treat for ya... It's a Play Arts Kai figure of Selina Kyle A.K.A. Catwoman from an awesome game Batman: Arkham City. I still haven't played the game, I'll be picking up the Game of the Year version soon. All I know is that she is a burglar/heroine that has a complicated relationship with Batman (according to the short bio in the figure's box). I got this for cheap in a reputable store... sweet deal :D . And she's the first non Final Fantasy figure I got.

And because she wears an all-black suit, I will be using white background for the figure's pictorial.

December 19, 2012

Doomsday Scenarios

The end of the world is drawing near, yet I don't believe in this upcoming end. There are lots of prophecies, most of them failed (remember the big end of the world scam of Harold Camping and his Family Radio) and others are yet to be proven.

Books and movies also plays a role in portraying the end of the world/humanity, and it's weird that most of the scenarios that the authors made are quite realistic and plausible.

December 05, 2012

Pokemon Cards For Sale!


I'm selling these assorted Pokemon that I found in my room. No, they're not real Pokemon, they're trading cards. It's old school and all original.

What I'm selling include rare and holo-foil classic Pokemon and Trainer cards like: Mewtwo, Promotional Mews, Beedrills, Nidoqueens etc.

I decided to let go of these cards, because I don't have time playing them and there are no more challengers around my place.

Check out my online store for more details --> [Pokemon Cards For Sale!]


November 29, 2012

[Toy Review] Kadaj FFVII AC Play Arts

[Review Updated: 06-07-13]

Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children is the second CG movie Square created (first one kinda sucked). It's a graphically great movie with a good story. Well enough about that. What we're going to discuss about is this figure of Kadaj, the leader of the Remnants of Sephiroth and the main villain of the movie (Sephiroth is just an extra... an awesome extra).

November 25, 2012

Don't Be A Gaming Addict

I've just read from the news that a 24-year-old man from Thailand was found dead in front of his computer. He died in the middle of an all-night gaming marathon. Any kind of addiction is bad and gives different effects on our lives.

I've been playing video games since I was 5, and I'm aware of this stuff., so I'll give you guys some gaming tips (not game walkthroughs lol!)

November 20, 2012

[Toy Review] Lightning FFXIII-2 Play Arts Kai

[Review Updated: 06-07-13]

I always wanted to buy Square-Enix's Play Arts figures ever since it was first introduced years ago. But I don't have enough money to buy one during those years and it's hard to earn cash. Now those days are over and I finally got my first Play Arts (Play Arts Kai) figure.

November 14, 2012

[Toy News] Upcomming Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy Play Arts Kai Figures

Square-Enix made another set of Kingdom Hearts figures and it's from the Dream, Drop, Distance title for the Nintendo 3DS. Release date May 2013

So what's in the set? Well, TRON Legacy versions of Sora and Riku. Both of them will come with a pair of hands and 3 keyblades and I hope these figures will come with a stand. It costs $84. (Source:

The other set is the default versions of Sora and Riku. I saw the unpainted prototypes in the photos taken from NYCC 2012 and toy forums.

It's cool that we're getting new KH figures. The question is, where's the KH Birth By Sleep figures?

Next will be on the Final Fantasy department.

The new figure is a character from Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children and it's the president of Shin-ra Electric Company, Rufus Shinra. I saw the prototype from the Comic Con photos. And within the SE booth, there's a "wall" there that probably teases another Cloud AC version figure. It makes me hesitant to get the old AC version of Cloud

October 22, 2012

Wishlist: Games That Needs an HD Treatment or Remake

Videogame HD remasters and some remakes are being made so that we can play our old favorites, it's kinda a lame reason to play them again lol. While some are great, some are bad too. But the important part here is that we re-live those gaming moments from our favorite games with better graphics

Alright I'm listing my favorite games that needs an HD remaster or a complete remake

HD remasters:
(PS2) Killzone series (already planned)
(PSP) Valkyria Chronicles 2 and 3
(PS2) Dirge of Cerberus FF7 (complete with multiplayer from the Japanese version)
(PS2) Final Fantasy X (currently in the works and it will be much better if its an HD collection with FFX-2 in it)
(PS2) Final Fantasy XII
(PS2) Silent Hill 4: The Room
(Wii) Fatal Frame series
(Wii) Resident Evil 0 and 1
(PSP) The 3rd Birthday

(PS1) Silent Hill
(MSX) Metal Gear
(MSX) Metal Gear: Solid Snake
(PS1) Metal Gear Solid (not the Silicon Knights remake)
(SNES) Final Fantasy V

(SNES) Final Fantasy VI (personal favorite)
(PS1) Final Fantasy VII (most wanted by fans)
(DOS) Heretic
(DOS) The Lost Vikings
(DOS) System Shock
(PS1) Resident Evil 2 and 3
(NES) Metroid
(NES) Legend of Zelda
(PSP) Dissidia: Final Fantasy series (With more characters, assist characters, stages and modes) 

My fave games that have been remastered/remade/re-released:
God of War Collection (GOW1, Chains of Olympus, GOW2, Ghost of Sparda, GOW3)

Metal Gear Solid HD Collection (MGS2, MGS3 and Peace Walker)
Devil May Cry HD Collection (DMC1, DMC2, DMC3)
Silent Hill HD Collection (SH2, SH3)


October 16, 2012

News: Acer Announces 2 All-in-One PCs

Acer Aspire 5600U and 7600U
And its OS is Windows 8

Acer announced 2 Windows 8 powered PCs that took some inspiration on iMac but not to inspired that they copied everything iMac.

It looks great, it looks like you can bring these PCs everywhere! ...just kidding

Acer Aspire 7600U specs:
- Size: 27-inch
- 1TB Hard drive
- Can support up to Intel Core i5 3210 CPU
- Nvidia GT640M GPU (2GB memory)

Aspire 7600U's price is $1900
Shipping starts in November

Acer Aspire 5600U specs:
- Size: 23-inch
- 1TB Hard drive
- Entry level Intel CPU and GPU (Upgradable)

Aspire 5600U is cheaper, it costs $999 because it got lower specs and size than his big bro

Monitor displays can be bought separately if you don't like the specs

Well this is a space saver in your room. And for me this is a good alternative all-in-one PC, because iMac is more expensive. And these PCs looks good and upgradable

Source (with pictures)

October 15, 2012

Hello World!

Hi! Welcome to Randomly Random!
Here you will find, read and view random stuffs and events that I encounter.

This is going to be my main blog from now on.
For my old blog entries, check out my multiply page -->

- My works and progress report on graphic designs, photo manipulations and digital art
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