December 31, 2014

My Most Wanted Play Arts Kai Figures Part 3: Wishlist

This is the final part. Have you checked Part 1 and Part 2 of the [Most Wanted] series? This part lists the characters that I want to be made as a Play Arts Kai figure. I did this before but since SQEX got some licences that permits them to make lots of characters from different companies and media genres (Game, Movies, Comics and possibly Anime), this makes my imagination go wild... again.

December 14, 2014

My Most Wanted Play Arts Kai Figures Part 2: Future PAKs

They're coming...

In Part 1, I mentioned the PAK figs that I've missed, that's because I'm not prepared, lesson learned. Now it's time to get ready and invest for the future PAK figures. Some suggest that I should pre-order so that I can get them as soon as they get released but I'm not a fan of pre-orders when it comes to action figures. It's still best to do it the traditional way and buy toys on the spot. 

December 03, 2014

My Most Wanted Play Arts Kai Figures Part 1: Released

"Wanted: MISB or LIB"
I'm a late Play Arts/Play Arts Kai figure collector, and an average one at that (more of that story here). There are lots of PAK figs that I've missed, even those latest ones. I mostly buy the older ones first then review them, because they're the least reviewed toys. I also buy some latest PAKs but it's hard and getting more difficult because of their rising prices and competition from other collectors. On this first part, I'm listing currently released PAK figs that I've always wanted to have in my collection.

November 20, 2014

Skate Video Project (Off-Screenshot)

Hey guys! Sorry for the lack of art and toy reviews recently. I'm busy making this very delayed skate video of me and my friends. The reason for the video's delay is slow and outdated computer, work and other events. I started filming in 2013, now 2014 is almost over. I need to get this video done with at least 4-6 skaters in it (me included.).

November 05, 2014

[Random] Cheapskate Ways On How To Save Some Money

We spend money to pay for bills/rent/hospital/medical/tuition fees, buy medicine/food and to buy important and/or worthless stuff. So it's important to save money. And I got some easy and "cheap" ways to earn some cash that I want to share with you guys with no other techniques or gimmicks (like those charts and methods stuff) required.

October 11, 2014

[Toy News] Variant Play Arts Kai Paloozaah!

Another bunch of high profile third party Play Arts Kai figures suddenly appeared! They are Variant PAKs that's been appearing a lot recently, evident that since Variant DC Universe, these line of VPAKs are well received because of their unique character designs of existing characters. My fat wallet is going thin very soon!

October 10, 2014

[Toy News] Announced and Tweeted Upcoming Play Arts Kai Figures of 2014 (Part 2)

New 2014 PAK list everyone. This year is kinda slow for PAK action figure announcements, but all of them are mostly exciting and wallet-killing. Remember some of these figures have 2015 year of release.


October 08, 2014

Game Pickup: Bioshock Infinite

I bought Bioshock Infinite for the PS3 so that I will definitely experience this thrill ride of a game that received many praises from critics and gamers. It's really cheap and it comes with the digital copy of the first Bioshock, this technically completes my Bioshock Trillogy, but I still want my own retail copy of Bioshock and still trying to find the find the original release version (not those that have best hits/greatest hits label or something). Ok then, I will post the review of this game in the HCF gaming blog after I finish my first playthrough and the "1999" difficulty mode playthrough. After that it's Platinum run time!

September 29, 2014

[HCF Update] New Video Game Reviews!

Time to give some time to our HCF gaming blog so I've posted some game reviews there, some of them are way past overdue, sorry about that.

This is a high profile Final Fantasy title that didn't reach the Western shores because of next generation gaming device transition. It was released in Japan during the final mainstream years of Sony PSP and PSVita/PS4's impending release. So Square-Enix halted the game's already a work-in-progress English version till later notice.

Black Rock Shooter: The Game is a PSP digital download only game that's stealthily released stateside, unknown to many PSP users. Only BRS fans knew about this game. I'm no fan of BRS but I've been eyeing this game after seeing the Japanese version because of its unique combat.

Metal Gear Solid 3 HD Edition is bundled as part of the MGS HD Collection and MGS Legacy Collection. This MGS3 Subsistence version with few removed features like the special movie/trailer section and the Guy Savage nightmare scene.

We reviewed video games, covered some gaming related events and posted it on the HCF blog. We are not very active recently though. But be sure to check out the blog if you want opinion based reviews that doesn't have any of that ratings included.

September 16, 2014

Are They Going To Make Resident Evil Revelations 2 Action Figures?

With the reveal of Resident Evil Revelations 2 getting released next year. Will Capcom and other toy companies make new action figures/statuettes for this upcoming title? I posted my trailer impressions on HCF, by the way, please check it out.

September 01, 2014

[Toy Review] Raiden Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance Play Arts Kai

I got a cool Play Arts Kai figure to review! He is known as "White Devil", "Jack the Ripper" and "Pretty Boy". It's Raiden of Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance (I played and reviewed the game). This is one of the known badass versions of Raiden, the other one is the MGS4 Raiden (no PAK yet). I got this toy with the help from the awesome guys from Play Arts Kai Philippines Trading Group (PAKPTG). This is a 2nd hand PAK Raiden and will be treated as brand new for this review because it's in great condition and its accessories are complete minus the display stand.

August 29, 2014

[Blog Update] My Laptop... It's ALIVE!

Hello! My laptop is now back in action. It's temporarily OK, this will suffice until I get a new HDD for my laptop or just buy a new laptop/desktop. I already backed up all my files and it's semi-smooth sailing from here. I'm also going to reduce my PAK toy purchases for a while to earn money, so less toy review and more cash and fat wallet.

What If... Remake Old Games?

[Left] Crusader: No Remorse
[Right] Stasis: No Remorse (Cool looking game, check it out!)
Different games, but look similar. It's like a remake.
I've been playing video games since we got our Nintendo Famicom in the late 80's, I was like 4 years old at the time. I saw games evolve from 8bit/16bit/32bit graphics to 3D and into like a blockbuster movie we play today. Enough about that, here are some games that will look good with today's graphics and technology:

August 04, 2014

[Toy Review] Sora Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance Play Arts Kai

Dream Drop Distance (or "3D") is the 6th Kingdom Hearts sequel for the Nintendo 3DS. Its story took place after Kingdom Hearts 2 and Re: Coded. It's also the last bridge towards Kingdom Hearts 3. Unfortunately, I haven't played the game yet, no 3DS, but I have the next good thing. I got this awesome Play Arts Kai figure of Sora as an alternative after failing yet again to search for a Vincent PAK. This version of Sora is from that KH3D game, and thanks to the dude at the store for lowering the price of this figure.

July 31, 2014

[Blog Update] The Typhoon and an Upcoming Review

Typhoon Glenda, I don't know its international name, hit Philippines this month. This typhoon moves slow and have strong winds. It destroyed houses, crops and other properties, and killed people. While I was looking through our window, we see flying roof parts and other debris, and my room is shaking like the wind is going to tear off the 2nd floor of our house. Thankfully we had few casualties than Typhoon Yolanda did and the people recovered quickly and got on to their usual lives.

July 02, 2014

[Toy News] Cloud and Barret FF7AC Play Arts Kai Prototypes Are Here!


Hidemi "Mad Dog" Matsuzuka posted these Japan Expo (in Paris) photos on Twitter and to my/our surprise that Cloud and Barret PAK grey prototypes made a physical appearance in Paris and both of them look great.

June 06, 2014

[Blog Update] My Laptop Died

Hello dear readers and people who stumbled upon my blog!

My laptop died after serving me for 7 years (just in time for my salary). I tried everything to fix the laptop's problem but it failed, I can't even go to the Command Prompt to do some reformatting. Right now I'm using another laptop, not mine obviously. So expect blog post and toy review shortages :(

May 18, 2014

[Toy News] FFVII:AC's Tifa and FFXII's Fran Play Arts Kai Prototype Figures!!!

Wow! Just... WOW! Tifa Lockhart FFVII:AC PAK unpainted grey prototype is already here! Not only that, Fran, the most popular Vierra from FFXII made her first PAK action figure debut! Does this mean that we will be seeing Final Fantasy XII HD anytime soon at E3, TGS or any major toy cons out there?

May 01, 2014

[Toy Review] Leon S. Kennedy Resident Evil 6 Play Arts Kai

Resident Evil 6 is like a teenage kid with angst and mood swings. The game is good, then suddenly turns bad or boring, then it gets good again. But that didn't stop me from playing and finishing the game and buying this Play Arts Kai action figure of the babe magnet himself, Leon S. Kennedy. RE6 figures are already hinted to appear because the game have that action figure collecting part, but only two characters are made to be an actual real toy at the moment (by Square-Enix). Oh yeah, men like to be like him too, he's that awesome. Leon is my first male PAK figure.

April 21, 2014

[Stuff] Actual Shirts!

Hello people!

I finished some of my shirt designs, they're not concept anymore, they're real shirts now...wooooo! Check it out!

April 07, 2014

[Blog Update] Busy, Busy, Busy!


Sorry for not posting any toy reviews and other works lately. Well, because we're (Frame Up! Studio) busy making shirts. We just finished our first major project, and we now move on to the next. I'm also busy making my own shirt designs (pics of some of the actual shirts will be uploaded soon...)

March 06, 2014

[Game Pickup] Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII


I went to the game store the other day to get some games. While there are so many great games out there like Lords of Shadow 2, Kingdom Hearts 1.5 HD, etc. I decided to pick the final entry to the "Lightning Saga", Lightning Returns FFXIII or should I say FFXIII-3. This completed my FFXIII game trilogy.

LOL just one more PAK of Lightning, the Pink-haired wonder and I can now make a shrine for her, but I'm not gonna do it anyway. hahaha.

Now I'm gonna play this baby and the review will soon follow on the HCF blog page

BTW expect a "small" toy review soon!


February 10, 2014

[Art Related] Some Shirt Designs

Hi! I don't have any toy reviews for now. For the mean time, here's a few shirt designs that I made to fill the dreaded blog void. Want these on your shirt? Just view my SERVICES page and contact me. Thanks!

First off, here's a BMO Adventure Time shirt. I know it's not original but I want to make one :D

BMO Video Games (Adventure Time)

February 01, 2014

[Toy Review] Lightning LR:FFXIII Play Arts Kai

I got another Lightning PAK figure! Finally, I got my first PAK figure to review this year. This time she's got a new (and even sexier) default attire to wear for her latest and last entry of the FFXIII series, called Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII... can we just call it FFXIII-3? The figure came out first before the English version of the game. It was released the same month as the game's Japanese version last year. I had a hard time finding her, again... Lightning figures sure likes to play hard-to-get, unless you pre-ordered her. Now that I got her, let's review her shall we?

WARNING: This review have very few minor spoilers on the game's story.

January 23, 2014

[Toy News] Announced and Tweeted Upcoming Play Arts Kai Figures of 2014

It's 2014, time to make a fresh list of upcoming Play Arts Kai figures. Well, I added some figures from my past lists for consistency. To check out other figures (no pics) that were announced and tweeted in 2013 (and will probably get released in 2014) check the links below.

Play Arts Kai Figures of 2013

[UPDATE 10-10-14]
- Removed Nomura designed Batman from Timeless Batman PAK list.
- Added Harley Quinn (Batman: Arkham Origins)

January 20, 2014

[Random] Play Doh Sculpting

I'm bored and can't sleep, and I remembered my first Sculpey figurine (a tiny and fragile Black Mage... RIP), so I got my hands on my sister's godchild's Play Doh clays. I mentioned last time that I wanted to make my own detailed figurines/action figures so now's the time to practice while I'm awake. I tried to sculpt two kinda complicated things and I must say, I didn't know that I have the skill even though it's kinda lame... but who cares, with more practice I can improve, right? :D

January 12, 2014

[Blog Update] Recent Blog Page Changes


I finally have a job, now I can earn more cash! Downside is that I will be more less active in making artworks and writing new blog posts. The upside is that I there will be more toy reviews coming soon. To see the list of changes in the blog page click the "read more".

January 01, 2014

[Toy Review] No. 15: Ace Final Fantasy Trading Arts Kai Mini

It's the first day of the year and it's fitting that I review the Trading Arts Kai Mini action figure of a character whose name have the same meaning as the "number one". That character is none other than Ace, a card-wielding Peristylium Suzaku mage student that belongs to Class Zero from a very awesome and epic PSP game, Final Fantasy Type-0. I played and completed the game but it's only in Japanese (not even localized yet). I kinda understand the story a little, and everything I know about the game is enough for me to buy this mini Ace figure. He's also the first character that doesn't belong to any main Final Fantasy games.