So I Watched Logan
It's been a week since its showing and I never thought that I'll still wait in a long line to get my movie tickets on this third Wolverine movie. This is Hugh Jackman's last movie to play as Wolverine, A.K.A. Logan.
The Boogeyman is out for another killing spree in John Wick Chapter 2 movie and here's what I'm going to say.

So I Watched Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV
I managed to get a copy of Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV, a prequel/semi-parallel movie to the long awaited video game by Square-Enix, Final Fantasy XV. I was curious about the movie's mixed reception, well mostly bad, unfortunately. So yeah, I watched it and here are my thoughts... don't worry, it's spoiler free.

So We Watched Train To Busan
I wondered what's the fuzz about these zombies in a train movie that spawns a lot of parody videos and memes in the internet. So during our family day Sunday, we watched the movie Train to Busan... Now I know what's the hullabaloo.

So I Watched Suicide Squad
A movie where the super villains are the heroes. Now that's new, well at least for me. Suicide Squad is the third movie of DC's cinematic universe. This movie is a lot more different than the first two DCCU movies because of its cast of characters and humor.

Hey look! Another movie where superheroes beat each other up because of their indifference, misunderstandings and fibs! Anyway this movie is loosely based on the comicbook. In the comicbooks it's really a war with tons of superheroes battling each other.

Finally we managed to watch a movie where Superman and Batman are fighting each other, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. The word "Justice" in the title suggests Justice League obviously, starting DC's cinematic universe to battle Marvel's movie universe. We watched the movie last Thursday. I always like to watch movies late, I don't like waiting in a long line to buy tickets. Now about this movie...

So we watched Deadpool yesterday. It's action packed and colossal in awesomeness! I was planning to watch this movie on or before Valentine's day but the girl that I'm asking out said she was busy at work (overtime) so we moved our movie time to next week. It's good that we changed the schedule because the movie theaters are jam packed with people during Valentine's day especially on this Deadpool movie.

Those who didn't watch the movie yet, don't worry, this is a spoiler-free blog post. I watched the Episode VII of Star Wars... it was great and here are my thoughts.

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