May 27, 2018

So We Watched Deadpool 2

Instead of watching that new Star Wars movie, I watched Deadpool 2 with my cousin and his fiance and her family. And yeah, this is another 2018 Marvel movie where Josh Brolin (Cable/Thanos) is in it.

Story starts with Deadpool going to kill himself because of her girlfriend's death. Then he rewinds back to why did that happen: Deadpool got big on taking bad people down and one of his targets escaped and attacked DP's apartment for revenge ending in his GF's death. DP is in pieces literally, Colossus picked him up with the rest of his parts and brought him to the X-mansion (Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters) where he became an X-men... trainee.

The movie's story follows the same formula of the first DP movie but with more characters, cameos and references inside and outside Marvel. It's pretty good and better than the first one. The theme of this movie is revenge and family, I suggest to watch the movie to find out. Oh yeah, there are some "Politcal Agenda" stuff sprinkled around this movie, some of them are funny, kinda cringey and meh, but they're minimal.

This movie is hilarious and it also got some dark moments. As expected, there are lots of 4th wall breaking and Deadpool playing with Prof. Xavier's stuff. Some characters are underused which is kinda disappointing. Some scenes of this movie remind me of some scenes in the comics. The action scenes are pretty brutal with many bones cracking and limbs getting torn off, this is an R-16 movie after all and no nudity this time.

Visual effects are pretty simple, not like in Infinity War, but man it's full of gore. Again, Colossus is a fully CG character but felt like he's a real big chrome man.

There are licensed tracks used in this movie and they're pretty good and fitting on the scene.

Cable is pretty awesome. I think Josh Brolin handled the character really well. I also like the design of Cable. Cable is pretty stiff and an hardass and it's complimented by Deadpool's loudness and goofiness, that makes their scenes really funny. The X-Force is formed in this movie and I want to see them in the future DP movie or have their own stand alone movie.

Yeah, I definitely recommend this movie for Marvel, X-men and Deadpool fans. If you're looking for an awesome movie, this is it.


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