May 06, 2018

DIY Lightbox

I finished another DIY project... wait, what was my first DIY project again? Anyway, I made a lightbox that can be mounted on the desk lamp that I bought today. This will help me a lot when I do some toy photography for my reviews and other object photography.

A simple-looking lamp.
Here's the lamp that I bought. It looks really nice for my room and computer table plus it's cheap. I chose this one because I can replace old busted LED bulbs with new ones, unlike those fancy LED lamps that have permanent LED lights.

The lamp's plain white box.
So, the materials... I will use the lamp's box for this project because it got a nice size.

Parchment paper and aluminum foil.
I went to the kitchen to get stuff that's used for baking like a parchment paper and an aluminum foil. 

For tools... I got a pair of scissors and a very rusty cutter (if you're a little kid and want to make this project, I suggest that you ask help from your parents or older siblings because tools like scissors and cutters can, well, cut you). Ruler, so that I can measure how big I will make the holes on the box and a pen to mark those measurements. I ran out of clear adhesive tapes so I used an electrical tape to secure the parchment paper and aluminum foil inside the box.

I used the lamp to trace the size of the circular hole...

Then I used the ruler to measure the size for the rectangular hole.

Time to use the cutter to cut the cardboard and make some holes.

Why two holes, you ask? The circular one is for the lamp and the rectangular one to make the light obviously pass through the box and I will put the parchment paper there.

Parchment paper now installed in the box.
The parchment paper will diffuse the light from the lamp. Meaning, the lighting will be softer and there will be less (or softer) shadows produced by the objects.

Lame aluminum foil installation.
I will fix that later.
I clumsily put the aluminum foil inside the box to scatter the light. This will help the lamp to cover more area.

DIY Lightbox project complete!
Now that the box is done, time to put it on the lamp. I made an error, I made the circular hole a bit bigger and makes the box fall off. So I used some spare cardboard to make a fitting for the circular hole. The box is now a bit wobbly but will not fall off... Time to go to my room to test the lighting.

It's alive!
It's not perfect but wow, it works really well! The lighting will be more effective if there are one or two more lamps with lightboxes that will diffuse and scatter the light from different angles. I will be buying another lamp and make a lightbox for more professional-looking object photos. BTW, I will be using this new lamp and lightbox for my new toy reviews and stuff.


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