February 28, 2013

[Random] Skate And BMX Photos

These photos took a long time to upload... Anyway here it is!
I took their photos about 2 weeks ago
I edited 2 BMX sequence shots 

I'm not included because I'm the camera man :D

February 22, 2013

[Random] My Current Activities and Other Stuff

It's rainy today and February is a semi busy month for me.

Here's what I've been doing and what I'm going to do next:
- Making shirts for a company's event
- Making customized shirt designs for random people... for a price of course
- Skateboarding again after 6 years, maybe?
- "Thank You" artwork for my 5000 page views in deviantART
- Another commissioned artwork for a client at deviantART
- Some graphic designs and photography at events

February 06, 2013

[Toy News] Play Arts Kai Figures of 2013 (PART 2)

This is the PART 2 of the list

Hey! I've got some new Play Arts Kai figure news for you boys and girls! I was planning to post a PAK wishlist, but this one came up... more PAK figures!

I decided to make a Part 2 because Part 1 is getting long, so check out Part 1 of my post for more.

[UPDATE 08-22-13]
Updated Some Variant PAK's info: Batgirl (DC Universe) Warrior of Light (Final Fantasy).
Added Kain and Bahamut Variant PAK

[UPDATE 12-24-13]
Added Skullface from MGS5: The Phantom Pain/Ground Zeroes

[UPDATE 01-02-14]
Added DC Universe Variant PAK Cyborg.
Added release months for DC Universe Variant PAKs.
Updated accessories on Aquaman Variant PAK and Edward Kenway (Assassins Creed IV)

[UPDATE 01-23-14]
Added Quiet PAK from MGS5: The Phantom Pain.

February 01, 2013

[Art Related] Work In Progress Character Art Commission: Remi

Click to enlarge
UPDATE: Artwork finished! Check it out here!

NatanarihelLiat from deviantArt commissioned me to draw this character. This is just a preview and everything may change. Check my commission prices and info here

The main goal of this art: 
- Practice drawing hands
- Make the art more detailed than my past works
- Add/develop new drawing techniques while doing this piece
- Don't use echochromes/action figures for poses

You can view NatanarihelLiat's profile/gallery here
Check out also my gallery for more artwork, photos, and designs