August 20, 2016

Pokemon Go: Trainer Tips for a Safe Journey

I'm having a Pokemon craze right now because of the Pokemon Go app.. I'll say this is a great and fun app by Niantic (app devs), The Pokemon Company and Nintendo, they woke up my inner Pokemon Trainer self and love of Pokemon related stuff (games, TCGs and cartoon show). I know you have the app too, well most of you guys who have an iOS and Android device (Kitkat ver. and higher) so let me help you on your Pokemon Go journey by giving you some safety tips and advice.

August 07, 2016

So I Watched Suicide Squad

A movie where the super villains are the heroes. Now that's new, well at least for me. Suicide Squad is the third movie of DC's cinematic universe. This movie is a lot more different than the first two DCCU movies because of its cast of characters and humor.

August 03, 2016

[Toy Review] Lara Croft Rise of the Tomb Raider Play Arts Kai

Took me a while to finish this review. Few months ago, I got this Play Arts Kai action figure of Lara Croft from her latest game, Rise of the Tomb Raider. I haven't played the game yet, I don't have an XBox One or a PC that can run this game so I don't know much about her latest adventure. But I watched some gameplay and story bits so that it will be much easier to review her action figure.

August 01, 2016

[HCF Update] July Video Game Reviews Plus Minor Randomy Random Update

I haven't been reviewing a lot of games in the HCF blog page lately but I'm glad that I managed to review a couple of games for July and hope to review more soon.

Video Game Reviews: July 2016

I still don't have any latest video game console and handhelds, so I will be reviewing older games. I will be covering more games from Nintendo DS and PSP. I might review much older games too.

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Now for the minor [Randomly Random] blog page update...