July 31, 2014

[Blog Update] The Typhoon and an Upcoming Review

Typhoon Glenda, I don't know its international name, hit Philippines this month. This typhoon moves slow and have strong winds. It destroyed houses, crops and other properties, and killed people. While I was looking through our window, we see flying roof parts and other debris, and my room is shaking like the wind is going to tear off the 2nd floor of our house. Thankfully we had few casualties than Typhoon Yolanda did and the people recovered quickly and got on to their usual lives.

July 02, 2014

[Toy News] Cloud and Barret FF7AC Play Arts Kai Prototypes Are Here!


Hidemi "Mad Dog" Matsuzuka posted these Japan Expo (in Paris) photos on Twitter and to my/our surprise that Cloud and Barret PAK grey prototypes made a physical appearance in Paris and both of them look great.