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E-mail me for inquiries :D

T-shirt Designs and Prints
Php. 250.00 = One shirt (minimum price)

- Less Php. 100.00 if you provide your own shirt

** My main themes are Skateboarding, Video Game related, and some phrases, but I'm flexible when it comes to designing stuff, meaning I'm open to suggestions :D

Art Commissions
Php. 300.00 = Chibis
Php. 500.00 = Headshot/Bust
Php. 1000.00 = Full Body

- Work time: 8hrs
- Extra work hour: + Php 100.00

Sample works can be viewed in my deviantArt Gallery

** Sorry guys, I don't do hentai, ecchi, yuri, yaoi, furries

Graphic Designs/Photo Manipulations
Php. 500.00 (single design)
Php. 250.00 (calling card design)
Php. 500.00 (photo edits/manipulations)

- Work time: 8hrs.
- Extra work hour: + Php 100.00

Sample works can be viewed in my deviantArt Gallery

** Event Invitations, Brochures/flyers, Posters, Stickers, Photobooth Printout design

** All requests must be e-mailed/PM-ed' to me 2 to 4 weeks in advance so that I can prepare more and have more time for revisions. Design revisions (especially nuisance/insanely too many revisions) might cost additional cash. 

** Sudden requests like designs that needs to be finished 1 to 2 days before deadline costs more, because you'll wrack and stress my brain for impromptu designs and revisions.

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