January 23, 2014

[Toy News] Announced and Tweeted Upcoming Play Arts Kai Figures of 2014

It's 2014, time to make a fresh list of upcoming Play Arts Kai figures. Well, I added some figures from my past lists for consistency. To check out other figures (no pics) that were announced and tweeted in 2013 (and will probably get released in 2014) check the links below.

Play Arts Kai Figures of 2013

[UPDATE 10-10-14]
- Removed Nomura designed Batman from Timeless Batman PAK list.
- Added Harley Quinn (Batman: Arkham Origins)

January 20, 2014

[Random] Play Doh Sculpting

I'm bored and can't sleep, and I remembered my first Sculpey figurine (a tiny and fragile Black Mage... RIP), so I got my hands on my sister's godchild's Play Doh clays. I mentioned last time that I wanted to make my own detailed figurines/action figures so now's the time to practice while I'm awake. I tried to sculpt two kinda complicated things and I must say, I didn't know that I have the skill even though it's kinda lame... but who cares, with more practice I can improve, right? :D

January 12, 2014

[Blog Update] Recent Blog Page Changes


I finally have a job, now I can earn more cash! Downside is that I will be more less active in making artworks and writing new blog posts. The upside is that I there will be more toy reviews coming soon. To see the list of changes in the blog page click the "read more".

January 01, 2014

[Toy Review] No. 15: Ace Final Fantasy Trading Arts Kai Mini

It's the first day of the year and it's fitting that I review the Trading Arts Kai Mini action figure of a character whose name have the same meaning as the "number one". That character is none other than Ace, a card-wielding Peristylium Suzaku mage student that belongs to Class Zero from a very awesome and epic PSP game, Final Fantasy Type-0. I played and completed the game but it's only in Japanese (not even localized yet). I kinda understand the story a little, and everything I know about the game is enough for me to buy this mini Ace figure. He's also the first character that doesn't belong to any main Final Fantasy games.