January 28, 2016

[Photography] Lake Photos Plus One Random Photo

My sister took this photo of me taking my sunset pic
It's nice to go out of town. Last week, we had a family outing at our relative's place at Tanauan, Batangas Philippines. Once I've heard that the place is lakeside (Taal Lake), I brought my DSLR (Canon 450D) hoping to get some really nice photos near the lake.

January 21, 2016

[Toy Review] Hatsune Miku Nomura Version Variant Play Arts Kai

My first toy review of the year! This is a Variant Play Arts Kai of Hatsune Miku, designed by Tetsuya Nomura. She's a VOCALOID/Japanese 3D digital diva, or something. Why do I know someone (or something) like her? Well because she's so famous that she's almost everywhere. I'm not a fan of Miku, but I like her design. I bought this action figure of hers because it's a PAK, and yeah she's cute. Welp, I already researched the basics about Hatsune Miku so let's review her figure and see what it got.

January 20, 2016

[Art Related] Chibi Aikido Couple

Hey, remember what I posted as a work-in-progress artwork? Well I finished the artwork that you see in this post last December 2015 and now I can finally lift my self-imposed ban on the Chibi Aikido Couple that I drew. Why did I ban myself from posting this, you ask? Well...