November 28, 2015

[Art Related] Work In Progress: Chibis/SD's

Hey! I've been working on this special artwork for my sister and her fiance. You guys probably don't know because I rarely make these kind of drawings and post it on websites like deviantART, this blog and other sites, but I know how to draw chibi characters :D

It's been a while since someone asked me to draw stuff for them. I don't want to share the whole drawing, just a preview of the sketch to show you guys that I've got something to do and not slacking off LOL!

This will come with two variations. The first one is finished and I'm doing some research on how I'm going to do the second version. When they're finished and got used in some event, I will post it on deviantART and this blog probably in January 2016.

If you're wondering where is the other original character artwork, well it's 99% finished, it just need a little editing then I'm going to upload it soon. :D It got semi-delayed because this chibi art is prioritized and I'm working on both this art at the same time.


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