September 02, 2016

Pokemon Go: Things You Need to Bring

Now you know how to be safe while searching for lots of Pokemon to catch, if you don't well read this post first. Alrighty, you need to bring these to make your Pokemon journey much better.

Protect yourself from the elements
It's currently rainy season here in the Philippines (at the time of this post). That's why you need to bring the things/equipment that will protect you from the weather in case that you still want to catch Pokemon outside. For rainy days bring an umbrella or wear a raincoat, I know raincoats looks lame but what can we do. For cold (or snowy) weather make sure you cover yourself just enough to make you warm. Also don't forget to protect your phone from the rain and cold weather. For hot summer/sunny day, make sure you bring lots of water to stay hydrated.

Rugged smartphones! (optional)
These are only for real adventurers that are in touch with nature and loves Pokemon... well average joes/janes like us can use these too if we want. In extreme weather and terrain, you'll need a rugged smartphone. I know some huge smartphone makers like Sony and Samsung are making those water resistant phones. For real heavy duty water and shock proof smartphones check this out.

Portable WiFi devices (optional)
Is your mobile data failing you? Well in my country, yes and it happens a lot. So if you're living in a country that doesn't have the strongest bandwidth or mobile data signal, you gonna need a portable WiFi device. This way your smartphone will have longer battery life because it doesn't use the 3G/4G or LTE mobile data.

Power banks
For uninterrupted Pokemon Go adventure without worrying much about draining your phone's battery, bring a power bank. These little thing extends your phone's battery life, think of it as a secondary battery or wireless phone charger.

Money, food and drinks
Of course you gonna need to take a break, rest your sore legs, eat and quench your thirst. So bring enough food and drinks to keep your energy up, you don't want to pass out because of hunger and thirst. Also make sure you have some cash with you, in case you didn't bring any food/drinks. Money will also take you to places if you prefer to commute just reserve your "going home" commute cash, you don't want to get stranded because you overspent your money.

These things I mentioned will help you a lot if you want to become a Pokemon Master. Now have a nice and fun Pokemon Go journey!