July 05, 2017

ToyCon 2017 Part 4: Random Toys/Figure Displays

Well, we got a little off-topic on part 3, but it's fun. And now this is Part 4. To close off this mini blog series of me covering ToyCon 2017. Here's some more pictures of toys, statues, action figures and stuff because I went around some more before bailing out from this convention to get some rest at home.

Here's Statues and Collectibles Alliance Philippine's display. Like Maxi Collector's booth, SCAPH have lots of larger scale statues/figures to display.

Marvel and DC statues
Nice assortment of statues and busts of popular DC and Marvel superheroes.

Is that Shin Akuma from Capcom vs. SNK 2? That Ghost Rider looks pretty badass and I think the white dude is Taskmaster with two variations of Spiderman.

These will look great in my room.
Those One Piece and Dragon Ball figures looks so great because of the effects each figure have.

These Cosbaby series mini figures looks cute. How much are these things?

I took another round trip to the Toys and Arts Display area to snap some pics of figures that I found interesting.

Metal Gears
So many Metal Gear figures! This is the display of a Metal Gear group here in the Philippines. You can also see some items like Calorie Mate boxes displayed. Snake consumed a lot of Calorie Mates in the game.

I didn't know they made color variations of Raiden.
These 1:6 scale Metal Gear figures from Medicom (Snake, Liquid, Naked Snake and The Boss) and Hot Toys (all Raiden versions) looks amazing. Oh theres a Bishoujo version of Sniper Wolf too, looking pretty hot as always.

Play Arts Kai Big Bosses
Seeing these five Big Bosses standing side by side with each other is pretty awesome.

Look Mario's already down for a count!
This is a three-way crossover fight. Marvel vs. Capcom vs. Nintendo (Smash)!

This is One Sixth Pinoy's display. It's full of military-related large scale action figures and vehicles.

Tanks and APCs!

Soldier boys on motorcycles and a Humvee (I like that vehicle)

My half-Italian cousin would love to see this military toys.

Nendoroid Pokemon characters, Red, Ash(?), Blue, Cynthia and N with lots of mini Pokemon. I'm excited for the Red Figma figure. I hope Figma will make more Pokemon characters and creatures.

I also went back to Kotobukiya's booth to check out their ArtFX figures.

New 52 Superman and Wonder Woman
That New 52 Superman looks good and I'm not a fan of New 52 Wonder Woman's design, she still looks good though.

Lex Luthor

Classic Harley Quinn
That Harley Quinn is so shiny, I so want to get it.

Batman v Arkham Knight
Just add a nice background and you'll have a pretty cool diorama of Batman and the Arkham Knight clashing.

Spiderman and Spider-Gwen

More spideys! The Spider-Gwen ArtFX figure looks good, but I still prefer the Bishoujo version.

Agent Venom
I like Agent Venom's design, this proves that Flash Thompson have more control over the Symbiote.

The Empire theme is playing in my brain again.
The Empire's army with Darth Vader and Bobba Fett.

Big Mac! Get it?
For the last photo... Huh... This statue is the embodiment of gluttony and greed.

For the stuff that I missed because I don't know some people in the industry and I also don't know some other things like anime characters.

I mentioned in Part 2 that the World Cosplay Summit is being held in ToyCon 2017's 2nd day. I also had trouble taking a picture of two particular ladies because they're always on the move, they seem popular, and I'm a derp for not knowing. Anyway they both have identical dresses and have a cute bob-cut or "Japanese Doll" hairstyle. I forgot their name as a duo but I think it starts with the letter Y and it sounded like food.

There's a celebrity meet up happening in this convention where notably Greg Cipes (voice of Michael Angelo from TMNT) and Karen Fukuhara (Katana) are present. Man I want to meet (or at least see in person) the actress that played Katana in the Suicide Squad movie. I don't know what day they showed up though.

Well that's my ToyCon 2016 experience. I checked the event's schedule and to me, Day 2 is probably the best day of this event. It lasts longer too. Too bad that I gotta get home early and didn't pick up any toys or souvenir, but like I said in Part 1, I was saving up for "something much better".

Till the next ToyCon everyone! I'm hoping to break my record for staying much longer.

Cheers and Happy Collecting!

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