July 02, 2017

ToyCon 2017 Part 1: Toys and Displays

Another year, another ToyCon event! It's been a while since I actually went to a ToyCon event. This is a three-day event and I went on its 2nd day. I've prepared for this to make the most of my single day visit. I brought two fully charged DSLR batteries and took some photos, too bad I can't cover them all (for reasons like I gotta go home early and stuff). I kinda have lots to say so this is going to be a four-part mini blog series.

First, the venue. The event is held at the SMX Convention Center. It's a nice place, the outside is also a nice place to skate in (I want to grind those metal benches!). I went there several times on different events. I went there early and there are already lots of people inside and more of them coming.

The Empire theme is playing in my mind when I saw Darth Vader and his army are marching.
Before you enter the hall where the fun is. There are some awesome stuff on display on the lobby.

Like these Gundam Mobile Suits with an SD version one too. I wish the Mobile Suits are life-size...

So that's how tall these heroes are.
The most noticeable on the display are the officially licensed life-size Marvel superhero statues, specifically from the MCU.

These 1:1 scale statues looks amazing but these cost tons of cash that you can buy a second hand car with that kind of money.

Also in the lobby are the Lego display by Pinoy LUG. Legos are part of my childhood and I'm still sad that I can't find my old Legos.

So now for the focus of this event - toys!

Toys and Art Gallery
I went first for the booths/displays of the Filipino toy groups on Facebook that I'm a member of: Play Arts Kai Philippines, Pinoy Square-Enix Collectors and figManila.

They're inside a large area where there are lots of toys displayed from different toy groups. This area also kinda serves as a meetup place for these groups so that they can buy/sell toys from fellow collectors. Sorry guys I'm in incognito mode here, but if you spotted a dude wearing the only red (or almost a hot-pink) normal-looking beanie in the crowd, well congrats, that's me.

PAK Philippines Display:

FFXV boys and Cloud vs. Sephiroth

There are lots of girls giggling and swooning over these FFXV and FFVII PAK figures.

Variant Marvel and DC crossover and assorted PAK figures

Wow the Wolverine Variant PAK looks amazing! This is the first time I saw one in person. That KH3 Sora and Dissidia Squall looks cool as well. I want that version of Sora but I guess I lucked out on this one. Can't find any PAK fig of him for sale.

Pinoy Square-Enix Collectors display:

Nice, there are Lego version of FF characters here with the Variant PAK of Warrior of Light.

I want those mini World of Final Fantasy figures too! These slipped under my radar.

figManila display:

I don't know who these characters are but they look cute. And I think these are figma's older figures.

I recognize some characters in this pic, especially those Kantai Collection (KanColle) characters that I've been eyeing for a while now. Sword Art Online characters are displayed too

SH Figuarts display:

My next stop is the Halimaw! Statues booth where they displayed their Pinoy (Filipino) superhero statues and some history about their creators.

Captain Barbel and Darna

To me Captain Barbel and Darna are Filipino Counterparts of Superman and Wonderwoman

Lastikman and Valentina

The first time I heard of Lastikman is when he got a movie. I watched it and I think the Lastikman movie is pretty good Pinoy superhero movie. I'll say these statues look pretty awesome! I want an action figure or a smaller version of them.

Nearby, there are some Hot Toys figures displayed. You can also pre-order the displayed toys here as well.

Oh, Spiderman and Ironman. This is from the upcoming movie, Spiderman Homecoming, can't wait to watch it.

LOL, baby Groot is larger than Rocket. Suicide Squad Joker looks pretty blingy.

I wish SQEX make some Suicide Squad PAK action figures *sigh*...

Kotobukiya also have a booth here. Sorry guys, I don't know if this booth is official (tell me on the comments section below, thanks).

Wow, those Frame Arms Girl figures look great in person. Like the KanColle figma, I've been thinking of getting those too...

...like this one, but this particular figure is not available in the booth.

I've also been wanting to get some Bishoujo figures too, because I'm a fan of the artist, Shunya Yamashita.

Spider Gwen will look good in my room and I always like how Zatana is designed.

Look a gender-bend version of Chucky. If I will dispay this, I would prefer the cuter normal face than the messed up face.

The last booth I went on is from Maxi Collector. This is a shop is one of the shops that's well known to Filipino collectors for having the most expensive large size statues and stuff for sale.

I'm not a Star Wars Expert but what I see is a clone trooper and I don't know much about the other two
There are lots of statues of all sizes displayed on this booth and they come from Marvel, DC and Star Wars.
They're statues not cosplayers.
Punisher, Thanos and Black Panther
Thanos looking epic in that pose.

Captain Marvel
This is the sexiest Captain Marvel statue that I saw.

Wolverine vs. Hulk
I would like to see that in the movies, but there are some issues with the companies that holds the rights to these characters which sucks.

Groot and Rocket.
Green Goblin
Superman and Wonderwoman

That Wonder Woman statue have realistic hair!

Catwoman (Batman Returns)
I like this Tim Burton version of Catwoman.

The Batmans from the Arkham Knight game

Joker (Arkham Asylum) and Harley Quinn (Arkham Knight) 

I really like the face of this Harley Quinn, really accurate to the in-game model. Can someone mod the face of my PAK Harley to look more like this one?

Yeah, these things look amazing but they are far too expensive for me but it's fun to take pictures of them.

Sorry guys for not taking some photos of one specific area - the shops. Well because I was too busy finding good deals on action figures (specially Play Arts Kai) and figurines and guess what, I didn't bought any! Why? Because I was holding up for "something much better" soon :D. To be honest though, I was tempted to buy a Variant PAK Black Widow figure earlier.

Cheers and Happy Collecting!

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