July 20, 2017

SDCC 2017: Marvel Variant Play Arts Kai Black Panther and War Machine

At this year's San Diego Comic Con, Square-Enix displayed a lot of their merchandise. In this post I will share my thoughts and impressions on SQEX's new Marvel Variant PAK action figures.

Photos from Toyark.com

Here we see the Variant Black Panther action figure. I don't know why they displayed a gray prototype here but if you want to read more about this figure, check out this post that contains some photos of the colored prototype of Black Panther.

This is a big surprise for me. They actually made a Variant War Machine figure! I thought they wont make one because they already made a silver version of Iron Man. I'm fan of War Machine and this is probably going to be my first Marvel Variant PAK action figure (I might change my mind once I know its price though). This action figure is already painted and it looks so good with all that weaponry.

That's all about SQEX's Marvel Variant display at SDCC 2017. There are other Marvel Variant PAK action figures displayed but those are the currently released ones like Wolverine, Black Widow, etc..

Next post will be about the Justice League Play Arts Kai figures

Cheers and Happy Collecting!

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