July 21, 2017

DC Variant Play Arts Kai Harley Quinn Designed by Tetsuya Nomura Official Photos and Price

Hey, remember the Variant Play Arts Kai Joker? Well here's his loyal girl, Harley Quinn and her official PAK photos! Like The Variant Joker, this Variant Harley is designed by Tetsuya Nomura, a well-known character designer from Square-Enix.

Harley Quinn Nurse form (default)
Nomura must really like Harley (and Batman characters in general), because her design is really awesome. She's sexy and looks tame and crazy at the same time. I don't know what's with the blindfolds... "love is blind" I guess?

Harley with her armor set
Her design looks similar to Arkham Asylum's design but with more anime to it. Also she looks like Hatsune Miku's crazy older sister.

Harley Quinn Combat Ready form
Joker and Harley are SQEX's weird PAK couple, because as they said, Joker and Harley can "transform", as in change their appearance. This, so far, is SQEX's most experimental pair of action figures. Harley got two forms: "Nurse" her default look and "Combat Ready". This is her Combat form. She's armored up and ready for a fight. The design looks good. She's wearing a light armor set and a helmet. I like this form too, but I prefer the Nurse look.

I don't want to get pierced by that huge syringe
For accessories, there are a lot of 'em. She got her armor set: a helmet, collar, chest armor, an armor piece for her skirt and interchangeable arms and legs. She got an extra face sculpt (no blindfolds) that compliments her helmet. For weapons she got a sub-machine gun and huge syringe-looking thing that have 3 pieces to assemble. The huge syringe can also be used to mount the armor pieces to form a huge mallet/mace-looking weapon. She got lots of extra hands: pair of gripping hands, trigger right hand, a right hand with a syringe and two pairs of open hands.

This girl costs around 21,080-26,784 Yen (around $186.00-$236.00 or Php.9429.00-Php.11,964). I want to get her but... SHE'S SO EXPENSIVE!!! Well, with the number of accessories and her transforming feature so I guess the price is justified? Well, we'll see about that... I will prepare a separate savings just to buy her. Her release date is around December.

So what do you guys think? You going to pick her up?

Cheers and Happy Collecting!

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