May 24, 2017

DC Variant Play Arts Kai Joker by Tetsuya Nomura Official Photos

Official photos and price of the Variant Play Arts Kai Joker, designed by Tetsuya Nomura, are out and the action figure looks amazing!

When I saw the gray prototypes of the Variant Joker, I'm worried that Nomura messed the character up, SQEX displayed the painted prototype of the Joker using the old and sick Joker headsculpt which kinda impresses me but still skeptical. But that impression changes once I saw this action figure in color (especially all the extra interchangeable heads). By the way, this is a "transforming" action figure, to be more specific, the mechanical arms can transform into a wheelchair. You can also call this an experimental PAK action figure.

The Joker (default bandana headculpt)  with the mechanical arms.
I'll say Nomura did a good job on his take on the Joker. The design (minus the mech arms) looks like a legit DC comic character design because Nomura didn't go overboard with the design like he did on Batman and Catwoman, but he did add those mech arms for weirdness. This Variant Joker looks really cool especially when you use the "young" Joker and the "middle aged" Joker headsculpts.

Middle aged Joker.
Variant Joker have a total of seven headsculpts, the default is the masked "bandana" Joker. The extra six headsculpts are: young, middle aged, old, red hood, jester and demonic. I just used keywords there but I think you guys get the gist of it. other accessories include a neck brace for the old Joker headsculpt, two pairs of mechanical claws and a pair of fists.

I absolutely like this action figure but its price is around $266.00 (approx. Php13,400.00) Now that's really high! This make me think if I should get this action figure or not. I guess the transforming nature of this Joker makes this toy expensive. So what do you guys think, should you pre-order this or let this one pass?

Cheers and Happy Collecting!

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