February 25, 2016

[Art Related] Something that I Made to Celebrate 30 Years of Democracy in the Philippines

Man it's been 30 years. I made this to celebrate the People Power Revolution that happened in EDSA in 1986, I'm still a baby at that time. We Filipinos fought dictatorship to make way for democracy in the Philippines. Instead of violence, the people at that time prayed and gave food, rosary and flowers to the soldiers. This is a peaceful protest that has never been done by other countries (or if they did it, they failed unfortunately) as far as I know.

I'm not commissioned (not paid) to do this, I just wanted to make one. This is a quick simple design, I used the 4 colors of the Philippine flag and made this emblem-like design. You are free to share and/or download it as your Android wallpaper, just don't forget to credit me, alright? Hope you guys like it.


February 22, 2016

So I (I mean WE) Watched Deadpool...

So we watched Deadpool yesterday. It's action packed and colossal in awesomeness! I was planning to watch this movie on or before Valentine's day but the girl that I'm asking out said she was busy at work (overtime) so we moved our movie time to next week. It's good that we changed the schedule because the movie theaters are jam packed with people during Valentine's day especially on this Deadpool movie.

Caution: This post contains really unnecessary minor spoilers, but I won't mention the important parts. If you don't want to read any kinds of spoilers don't read the whole post.

February 21, 2016

[Art Related] A Birthday Art Gift

I made this drawing few months ago. Just like the Chibi Aikido Couple that I drew, I self-banned this artwork and now I lifted the ban to show it to you guys. I also posted its rough sketch preview in this blog.