February 21, 2016

[Art Related] A Birthday Art Gift

I made this drawing few months ago. Just like the Chibi Aikido Couple that I drew, I self-banned this artwork and now I lifted the ban to show it to you guys. I also posted its rough sketch preview in this blog.

This digital artwork represents me and the girl that saved my ass during college years ago, man those we're the times. If not for her asking me to join her thesis group, I might have another year or two in college. I'm very thankful about that. :D

Anyway she had her birthday, I don't have anything to give to her so I made this artwork instead as an art gift and my way of greeting her a happy birthday. :D

This is a mouse-only artwork and the art style I used here are semi-chibi and less detailed when it comes to faces. I also applied flat colors and shading, kinda like cel-shaded coloring effect. The artwork may look easy to make, but I still applied my standard artwork procedure to make this, so it's kinda difficult and everything here is done manually using Photoshop's basic brushes and shapes.


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