January 28, 2016

[Photography] Lake Photos Plus One Random Photo

My sister took this photo of me taking my sunset pic
It's nice to go out of town. Last week, we had a family outing at our relative's place at Tanauan, Batangas Philippines. Once I've heard that the place is lakeside (Taal Lake), I brought my DSLR (Canon 450D) hoping to get some really nice photos near the lake.

I will be showing only two photos from the lake, but these two photos are awesome in my opinion. I also included a random photo.

Taal Lake Sunset
First I will be showing my very first "Golden Hour/Moment" photo. What I like about this photo is that there are three subjects of interests in it. First is the sun, second is the inactive volcano that rests at the lake's center and third is the fishermen.

Panoramic photo of Taal Lake
Here's a panorama shot of the Taal Lake. This is manually made, that means I stitched one-by-one more than 5 photos of the lake. This is my second manual panorama photo, my first one is at the Avenue of the Stars during our vacation in Hong Kong in 2009.

Look, a rainbow!
Finally here's a random rainbow photo taken at our home few days after our lake trip. This is also my first rainbow photo. It's rare (especially to where we live) to take really visible (not blurry and super faded) rainbow photos.

Well that's about it guys. I will take more photos every time I (or we) go out for a trip or vacation and upload it here in my blog.


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