Batman v Superman Gadget Collection from Petron Review
I got a batch of nice stuff from a gasoline station. Petron have a gadget collection that features the characters from the movie Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice that will be showing in cinemas in March 26, 2016 (Philippines). Each character here have different gadget functions and I will be reviewing them all in this single post. By the way these are made as busts which is a nice touch in my opinion, it adds more epic sauce to it.

Mini Eco-Marathon Toy Car from Shell Review
Yeah, that's the title, and it's from Shell (the gasoline company) and not "hell". I just saw this on the table and the back of this odd box says "free" written in permanent marker, so I opened it and well, here it is... a little toy car that is eco-friendly because it is powered by saltwater.
Evangelion Portraits 8: Rei Ayanami (School Swimsuit) Review
Time for another static toy review from Bandai, and again it's a character from the anime series called Evangelion, her name is Rei Ayanami. I mentioned her in my previous review of Asuka and Mari. She's a quiet character, so quiet sometimes it's disturbing. If my memory serves, I think she came from that ADAM that NERV has in their basement. Anyways this is an Evangelion Portraits 8 figure and I got this figure in early 2013.
Evangelion Portraits 8: Asuka and Mari Dual Review
I watched the original Evangelion series during my high school days, I liked the anime because the story is a total mindf*ck and weird but not that convoluted, that's why it became popular. It spawned a lot of merchandise including model kits of the EVA units, toys and figures. Now on to the present! Well, more like 2012. I bought some of the Evangelion Portraits Candy Toy figures made by Bandai. The figures I want to review are the figures of Mari and Asuka, they're sold separately. I bought Mari and my sister gave me Asuka as a gift for my birthday

Does this happen to you: You get bored at work/school? You're tired at waiting for someone to arrive? You can't skate because you're injured? Yes, these things happens to us (except for the third one if you're not a skater), that's why we need something to help us kill boredom. I know some will say "Hah! I have an iPhone/Android smartphone to pass the time!", and this is how I will reply, "Yeah you have that phone, but you can't use that while working/studying, or what if that phone's battery drains out? LOL!". The best solution is to have a cheap little toy, like Tech Deck Fingerboards! This one doesn't use batteries, just your fingers and skills :D

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