June 06, 2013

[Toy Review] Tech Deck Fingerboards

Does this happen to you: You get bored at work/school? You're tired at waiting for someone to arrive? You can't skate because you're injured? Yes, these things happens to us (except for the third one if you're not a skater), that's why we need something to help us kill boredom. I know some will say "Hah! I have an iPhone/Android smartphone to pass the time!", and this is how I will reply, "Yeah you have that phone, but you can't use that while working/studying, or what if that phone's battery drains out? LOL!". The best solution is to have a cheap little toy, like Tech Deck Fingerboards! This one doesn't use batteries, just your fingers and skills :D

** This is my first non-action figure review. So this review is going to be short and direct to the point with some personal opinions.


Frontside Packaging

Backside Packaging
The packaging is simple, you need to rip them off to get the goods inside the packaging. Careful on ripping off the packaging like Wolverine because there are small parts in it that may get lost. Use your trusty cutter to safely remove the contents from the packaging

Enjoi smaller fingerboard
Skate Mental bigger fingerboard
Packaging includes: One Tech Deck fingerboard, Grip tape, Sticky foam trick tape, Extra set of wheels, All-in-one skate tool, Small Stickers.


Deck graphics are realistic
Tech Deck fingerboards are made of plastic (they also now make wooden/maple fingerboards) and looks like a real skateboard with real deck graphics from real skateboard companies.

The stock wheel is good enough.
Change it if its broken.
Even the extra wheels have brand logos and graphics on them.

The trucks
The trucks which made of aluminum, works like a real one too, too bad there are no branded mini trucks for our fingerboards.

Side view
I got 2 types of plastic Tech Deck fingerboards here: A slimmer one (Enjoi skateboard) that looks like a 7.5" skateboard in real life, and a wider one with concave (Skate Mental skateboard) that looks like an 8 incher.

Top view (no grip tape)
It's easy to do flip tricks on the slim one, while it's easier to do gaps and grinds using the wider one, flip tricks are possible too and more satisfying to accomplish. So I prefer the wider version.

Tech Deck fingerboards are fun to play with, but it's hard to do tricks on them, you better train those finger of your's :D. And sorry, I can't provide you pictures of me doing tricks on these fingerboards.


Accessories are sold separately and ranges from ramps, ledges, rails and extra tools and parts. And the obstacles are cheap too! In basic packaging, these are your only accessories: The extra branded set of wheels, grip/trick tape, skate tool and stickers.

Grip tapes applied
To set-up your fingerboard you need to stick the grip tape or the sticky trick tape on it and you're good to go. My advice is that you must use the grip tape for that realistic feel. The trick tape is sticky making grinds and doing gaps looks so easy and that's cheap and lame.

All-in-one skate tool uses #1: Removing/replacing trucks

All-in-one skate tool uses #2: Adjusting the trucks from loose, mid or tight

All-in-one skate tool uses #3: Removing/reeplacing wheels
Use the all-in-one skate tool to adjust/remove your trucks, change your wheels.


These fingerboards have other uses, they can be a 3rd party accessories for your 8-inch action figures like Play Arts and Play Arts Kai figures LOL. It can be used as a nail pile too, because of the grip tape that feels like a sand paper. You can attach a chain on it and make it a keychain.


These fingerboards are cheap highly collect-able, because there are different kinds of boards (oldschool/newschool) and it got a huge selection of deck graphics from real skate companies. I personally want to collect the Enjoi, Baker, and Hook-ups brands. Some fingerboards include a small obstacle on every package which is a plus, but it's more fun if you make an obstacle using household items or if you're dedicated too much in fingerboarding, you can make obstacles using cement and wood to make your own mini skatepark LOL. And fingerboards can save you from boredom :D

Cheers and Happy Collecting!