June 23, 2013

The Graphic Expo 2013... Tons of Inspiration and Stuff!

[Pics will be uploaded soon]

Ahhhh... Rainy days for me are good, I like this weather. And this is a good day to go to another event, this time it's the Graphic Expo 2013. The cool part is that this is a free expo and the top brands and services are here. 

The pics that I will post here (soon) are stuff that I'm interested on.

The expo is held at the SMX Convention Center. All the stuff we need for business are here: Cameras, Printers, Cutters, Shirts, Heat presses and other graphics, accessories and printing peripherals. There are so many brands to choose from, but my sure choice when it comes to cameras and printers are Canon and Epson. I need to have a large scale printer, but it's too expensive.

I saw peripherals that are new to me, or my first time to see them in action (because I just saw them on TV) The Laser cutters and Wood/Metal/Marble cutters are used to engrave/carve or cut graphics on wood, metal acrylic and marble.

Printing companies and services are also present, showcasing their works and their prices and other things to promote and sell. They gave me some tips and designing techniques so that I can progress more. Their designs gave me the inspiration to do better.

There are lots to see in the Photo Exhibit which you can see in all parts of the expo, the photos as usual are great and taken by professional photographers and groups... Another source of inspiration.

Artbooks are scarce, I think only one booth is present and it's Korean. I saw the Perfect World MMORPG game art book, I turned every page because the art book is awesome. There are also lots of tutorial books on graphic designs and art on the booth... *Inspiration is overloading*

First Academy is on the stage and having a mini seminar to young/college students on how to use the latest graphics and media software. They also tour the audience in the facilities of First Academy via video. I also registered on their booth for a quick free seminar.

Now on to Canon's booth... I finally got a chance to try the Canon 100D and Canon 700D, I didn't try the pro cameras like the Mark V or something (not sure, I didn't check, sorry) because a huge lens is attached to it and I'm afraid that I may drop it.

This is a great expo, did I forget to mention that it's free? Yup I said it earlier, it's free! And I want to see more next time.

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