June 07, 2013

Lightning FFXIII-2 and Kadaj FFVIIAC Review Update!

For the sake of the consistency of my action figure reviews in this blog, I updated the Lightning and Kadaj reviews, which both are my first and second toy review respectively. The reviews' updated content and format is now at par (or similar) to my Catwoman and my other newer action figures review.

Read the updated reviews!

What's new on both reviews, you say?:
- Added stuff I forgot to mention
- Rephrased texts/Grammar and spelling check
- New and better photos
- Scale comparison photos (Lightning vs. Kadaj only)
- Removed some "redundant" photos
- Added a special photo for Lightning

Re-reviewing (sort of) and posting new pics of Lightning and Kadaj is exhilarating! :D
And I want to find and buy a Gabranth, Serah Farron, and Mr. 47 PAK! *Still hunting them toys*

Cheers and Happy Collecting!

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