We had a big family trip last month at Tagaytay, Philippines. Before going home we stopped by the Original Digman to get some snack. This food joint is located Bacoor, Cavite. And there are two Original Digmans in the same area so I don't know which the real one but I bet the food they both serve tastes the same.

We had a big family dinner at Hukad, a restaurant at a nearby mall. Hukad is a Filipino restaurant. Its menu have lots of Pinoy food and refreshments/desserts.
I bought this from a Korean store because of the food's color on the picture saying that this is a spicy food. The brand is Samyang and I don't know its flavor because I can't read Korean. So I went home, cooked it and ate it.

You'll obviously get hungry when you're in a convention, especially if you want to stay much longer to enjoy everything you see. So I got really hungry because I didn't notice it's already past lunchtime. Now it's time to get some grub.

We Tried Some Food at Gringo Restaurant
Happy Mothers Day everyone! There's a newly opened restaurant at a nearby mall, so we went there and tried some of their food to celebrate this day.

So I went out to have some "me time" and tried KFC's chicken sisig meal for lunch. That's one more sisig that I tried and added on my sisig list. I must be a sisig connoisseur by now because I tried a lot of sisig meals.

Me and my sister were wondering what we'll eat for lunch. We decided, meh let's eat last night's dinner then suddenly our father brought home three Jollibee Pepper Cream Burger Steak meals, I was like, "Yes! perfect timing Pops!".
After seeing the nagging TV commercial many times, so for lunch, me and my sister decided to try the Mushroom Pepper Steak, the new food Mc Donalds is offering.
I saw a lot of people carrying around a large paper cup with fries in it and those fries look pretty good. So me, my sister and her husband went to a new Kerimoto joint and bought some fries to try it.

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