April 28, 2017

I Tried KFC's Sisig Rice Bowl

So I went out to have some "me time" and tried KFC's chicken sisig meal for lunch. That's one more sisig that I tried and added on my sisig list. I must be a sisig connoisseur by now because I tried a lot of sisig meals.

If you didn't know what a sisig is: Sisig is a spicy (or not spicy) Filipino dish made from a pig's face liver/brain... Think of it as Ren's (Ren and Stimpy) favorite food, "Hog Jowls", but chopped into tiny bits and fried on a sizzling plate with onions, chopped red/green chili and season them with calamansi. Sisig have many types and preparation.

I ordered one to go!
Sisig Rice Bowl, is KFC's take on a type of sisig - chicken.  The way I see and it, they used the spicy Hot Shots and added a "flavored" rice, egg and sauce. It tasted like a basic sisig dish so it's good.

It tastes good than it looks like
Yes this is a good and heavy meal but I'll eat this maybe once or twice a month. Oh, by the way I won't encourage to add gravy on this meal because based on my experience, the gravy will taste like a spoiled gravy (or maybe KFC just gave me a spoiled gravy).


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