November 20, 2014

Skate Video Project (Off-Screenshot)

Hey guys! Sorry for the lack of art and toy reviews recently. I'm busy making this very delayed skate video of me and my friends. The reason for the video's delay is slow and outdated computer, work and other events. I started filming in 2013, now 2014 is almost over. I need to get this video done with at least 4-6 skaters in it (me included.).

November 05, 2014

[Random] Cheapskate Ways On How To Save Some Money

We spend money to pay for bills/rent/hospital/medical/tuition fees, buy medicine/food and to buy important and/or worthless stuff. So it's important to save money. And I got some easy and "cheap" ways to earn some cash that I want to share with you guys with no other techniques or gimmicks (like those charts and methods stuff) required.