September 29, 2015

[Toy News] Tokyo Game Show 2015 Play Arts Kai Action Figures

Wow, lots of games to look forward too! I'm excited for Persona 5 and Resident Evil 0. I guess it's time to earn cash for a new PlayStation 4 console. I'm not here to talk about video games, well probably I will discuss some, but mainly I will be talking about the Play Arts Kai figures on display in SQEX's booth during TGS 2015.

September 13, 2015

[Toy Review] Harley Quinn Batman: Arkham Knight Play Arts Kai

This is the third Play Arts Kai figure of Harley Quinn from the Batman Arkham series of games. This new Harley PAK version is from the 4th video game Batman: Arkham Knight. While the two old Harley versions are great PAK figs, I didn't pick them up because of the new PAK standard larger scaling. Now this is the time to pick a new Harley Quinn PAK, so I did (pre-ordered it actually) and this new Harley action figure looks promising and it's cheaper than I expected.

September 05, 2015

Upcoming Movies That I'm Excited About

Let's talk about movies. While I'm not a movie buff, there are lots of movies that are coming that I'm really excited about and can't wait to watch. This is a predictable post and you might have guessed what movies I'm going to watch in the future. If you don't know, you can read some more from this post of mine.