October 17, 2016

We Tried the Kerimoto French Fries

This small place is usually jam packed especially in the afternoon.
I saw a lot of people carrying around a large paper cup with fries in it and those fries look pretty good. So me, my sister and her husband went to a new Kerimoto joint and bought some fries to try it.

UPDATE: Kerimoto is now called Kappu Poteto

I love french fries!
So here it is, it looks quite delicious. If you're wondering what "Kerimoto" means. It means "Carry mo to" or in fully understandable English language, "You can handle/carry this". And that name delivers because it's a fries and a drink in one large paper cup that you can carry on one hand. They also have the tag line "Walk and eat", giving this food a quick snack impression. 

The way they presented this simple snack is kinda clever. You have a large cup half-filled with drink and you have another smaller cup with fries and other food gimmicks in it. The smaller cup have a small hole where you can stick a bendy straw in it.

This is my fries with chicken nuggets at the bottom.
Kerimoto have pretty interesting and very affordable selection of fried potato related food like the simple and cheapest flavored french fries. The others are a bit pricier like the potato slices and fries with odd additions like chicken nuggets and hotdogs for example (they have fish and chips too). They all have the same sizes, no large option.

Have you watched that one Spongebob Squarepants episode where there's a lot of Kelpshake stalls popping around Bikini Bottom like mushrooms at a fast rate and people loves it? Well Kerimoto behaves like that and it's only here in the Philippines, well at least in my neighborhood as far as I know. Well the fries tasted really good and I can't wait to try the other fries that Kerimoto offers.


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