July 04, 2017

ToyCon 2017 Part 3: I Tried Midnight Bite's Pizza Cone

You'll obviously get hungry when you're in a convention, especially if you want to stay much longer to enjoy everything you see. So I got really hungry because I didn't notice it's already past lunchtime. Now it's time to get some grub.

I went to the food area, thank God they have lots of food to choose from. To make this ToyCon 2017 experience more fun for me, I looked for a food that's unique or differently prepared. To me, in this (or any) event, just eating the usual burgers, hotdogs, fries and rice meals is kinda boring. So I found Midnight Bite's stall and they're serving Pizza Cones!

As I see the food, it looks like a pizza and a shawarma had a baby. These pizza cones look really good. There are lots of servings to choose from. I picked the cheapest, Classic Pepperoni, because I love bell peppers and the pepperoni and the Hawaiian pizza cone only have those green bell peppers.

I took some bites and I can already see it's really filled
Wow, for Php.160.00 (around $3.00) this pizza cone tastes really good! It's like I'm eating 2-3 slices of pizza. The guys who are making these didn't cheat on the pizza cone's fillings (and they're pretty cool to hold the pizza cone and let me take its picture in it's glory). They're filled to the bottom, and they're properly layered. Every time I bite, there's a different flavor as I go down to the bottom of the cone.

Now that's a fun and delicious food to eat, a little messy though, and I want to try the other pizza cones, I just gotta find their stall somewhere in different malls. Yeah, I poured lots of sriracha sauce on my pizza cone. So what did you eat at ToyCon 2017?

Part 3 done! Part 4 is the last part and were getting back on topic.



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