July 03, 2017

ToyCon 2017 Part 2: Stage Performances, Panels and Cosplays

It's not just all about toys in ToyCon 2017 so in part 2 I have some awesome things to say about the stage performances that I saw and the panel that I attended to and for a bit of an extra, Cosplays! Man, this is where I wish someone went with me in this event... Welp I guess I will be flying solo!


The panel that I watched is about starting your YouTube or blogging career, well the gist of it. The unfortunate thing is that I watched this panel midway but I'm glad that I still got some opinions and tips from the panelists.

It resonates well with me and those who want to start making money on YouTube and blogging. The other panelists, I think, are on the same level of experience as me, but they're more popular and probably have better resources and equipment. Also, these guys have normal jobs like me.

I can totally relate on what they're saying, because I started my Randomly Random blog almost 5 years ago and I got approved by Google AdSense in mid 2016. Now it's 2017 and my ad revenue is so hilariously low that I can't claim it yet. A bit of my history: technically I've been blogging for more than a decade and I started on MySpace.

\Ether is about to hit the Green Ranger
So if you're going to start making YouTube videos or blog posts, don't expect to get some money instantly.

Here's a pro tip from me and those panelists, just make this thing a hobby, have fun with it and maybe your channel or blog will grow. It's just like planting and taking care of a tree.

Janice Hung in her Ether costume
Oh yes! Janice Hung, the actress that plays Ether from the Filipino tele-fantasya series Encantadia is a part of the panel and she's wearing her costume!

Hmmm? I was wondering what was that Japanese song playing so I followed the music and saw that it was an actual stage performance of a Japanese idol, Nana Yamada!

O! Nana-chan noticed me!
I never heard of her or even listened to the latest JPop songs but her voice and performance is pretty cute and fun to watch, not just because of the "stripping" part, but because of her cute dancing and singing.

Ooh! Ooh! She's stripping!
Don't worry there are no actual rated R real stripping happened here, this is an event meant for kids, teens, adults and parents.

Tough luck you pervs! She got another dress underneath.

After watching Nana Yamada, the Fightsaber group's stage performance is about to begin. This is the first time I saw these guys perform.

The lightsaber fights are well choreographed and I watched it till the end, meaning that their performance is very entertaining. It's like these guys are real Jedi Knights and Sith Lords.

They were using some audio from the movie. Sorry because I'm not sure which movie is this from, but I'm guessing it's from Rogue One (the movie that I missed to watch).

They're fighting the Emperor
I like how the guys that I named "black ninja team" bring in the Jedi/Sith force effects. These guys wear black so that they can blend in on the black background. If a character is being forced choked while his/her feet is off the ground, these ninjas carry them to make the effect more convincing. Or if a powerful Sith is going to cast Force lightning, they get the lightning effect up.

Nice performance
Overall awesome performance and I'm impressed!

And now, the cosplays. I said earlier that I wish someone went with me in ToyCon 2017. The reasons are the more the merrier and so that someone will take pictures of me with these cosplayers and vice versa.

So many different species of Spideys
Woah, so many Spideys! Has the multiverse converged again?

I think this is the Spiderman from the upcoming PS4 video game
Now that's a very convincing Spiderman cosplay! I gotta watch the new Spidey movie!

They're cosplayers, not statues
Well you saw the Jedi's, Siths and the storm troopers, well here some more pics of them!

Random girls with a bunch of Storm Troopers and TIE fighter pilots.
I have to blur out the faces of the fans for their privacy.

I had a hard time taking the Jawa's pic. Lack of light and broken lens auto-focus forcing me to go manual focus all the way in this event.

Wait something very familiar with their color scheme... Aha! Sailor Moon Filipiniana Version with Rose Quartz from Steven Universe!

Awesome! The Suicide Squad are here.
Wait... they're missing someone. Where's Slipknot? Oh this must be the part where his head got blown off.

Daaaw! Overwatch's Mei is so cute!

Uh oh! One of the nurses spotted me!
These Silent Hill nurses always creeps me out even in cosplays and that makes their costumes very cool.

Other cosplays that I saw that I had difficulty taking their pics is Cloud Strife, the protagonist and Tae Takemi from Persona 5, Ironman, Black Widow and lots of anime girls and boys that I don't know which anime/manga they've come from.

By the way, the World Cosplay Summit 2017 are held in this event. Sadly I don't have time to watch it, I'm a busy dude, and I feel I'm getting a cold around that time. Too bad Day 2 gets really better at night. Why I got a cold? I skated the other day and the rain suddenly fell down real fast that I got soaked with cold rain water while my body is hot and sweaty.

And that's part 2! Part 3 is totally unrelated but it's part of my ToyCon 2017 experience!

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