July 20, 2017

SDCC 2017: Final Fantasy Play Arts Kai and Nier: Automata Bring Arts Action Figures

This is the last blog post about Square-Enix's Play Arts Kai action figure display at SDCC 2017. And I saved the best for last... New Final Fantasy and Nier: Automata figures! Square-Enix really balanced their PAK display in this event. There are enough number of PAK figures displayed ranging from Marvel, DC and SQEX's first party titles like Final Fantasy. 

Photos from Toyark.com

But it's all about Final Fantasy in SDCC 2017 and here's Zack Fair from Crisis Core: Final Fantasy 7! Well he looks awesome, definitely a must have for me. I just hope he's taller than Cloud and a bit shorter than Sephiroth. I'm excited to see this figure colored and I also want to see all of its accessories.

Next up is another guy from FFVII: Advent Children and it's Cid Highwind! Finally they gave this guy an action figure. He's a highly requested character to be made as a PAK figure. If you're one of the lucky (or possibly very rich) guys that almost have all the Advent Children PAKs then Cid will almost complete the whole party. All that's left is Aerith, probably they will reveal her soon, I can feel it.

If you look on the right hand side on this photo of Zack. You will see Lightning in her FFXIII original design (PSICOM uniform). Now look closer and you will notice that this is her new Dissidia version. What a pleasant surprise! I will surely get this one to complete all PAK versions of Lightning. I'm glad that I held back on purchasing the older FFXIII Lightning PAK figure. This version's red cape/mantle looks like a real cloth.

The label says: Fenrir and Cloud Strife "Ver.2"
I called this one. A new Play Arts Kai of Cloud with his Fenrir motorcycle from Advent Children has been revealed! This version will come with a new additional head sculpt for Cloud (wearing goggles)! Now here's the thing: it will be unfair if SQEX is going to release this as a bundle (trust me, this bundle is going to be so effing expensive). If they do, this will force the other owners of FFVII:AC Cloud like me to buy this just to get the Fenrir bike and few new accessories and that's a business tactic of a money grubbing jerk.

Make a separate Fenrir motorcycle too, SQEX!

They finally made a Nier: Automata action figure, and it's 2B with a machine lifeform. This action figure looks really good but this is a Bring Arts action figure. The good thing is that SQEX made another Bring Arts figure to expand the collection, the bad (or sad) thing is that they still haven't made a Play Arts Kai version of 2B yet. But I'm still hoping that they will make a PAK version of her and possibly 9S and A2.

There are more PAK figures displayed here like Aranea Highwind, Barret (FFVII Remake), Nyx, etc.

Now that concludes my coverage of PAK action figures from SDCC 2017. Wow, SQEX really knows how to time their toy reveals and announcements. I can't wait to see all the gray prototypes painted and displayed at different conventions in the future.

Cheers and Happy Collecting!

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