August 08, 2017

I Tried This Spicy Korean Instant Noodles

I bought this from a Korean store because of the food's color on the picture saying that this is a spicy food. The brand is Samyang and I don't know its flavor because I can't read Korean. So I went home, cooked it and ate it.

Wow, that little angry chicken thing breathes fire, maybe I'll do the same too once I started eating the noodles.

But first it needs to be cooked in a boiling water for around 3 minutes.

This noodle doesn't have broth so drain the water then put it on a plate.

Now mix these two flavorings on the noodle. This will turn the color of the noodles to angry red.

Viola! It's finished and plainly prepared with two pieces of bread. If you want to make this noodle much better, I suggest you add real vegetables and meat on it.

So how does it taste? Well it's so spicy that my mouth, nose and eyes felt like they're on fire... it's painful and took me by surprise. It took me an hour, lots of water and some screaming to finish this meal. I liked it because I'm a fan of spicy foods but I won't be eating this again for a long time. I might try it again maybe in 6 months or more. And here I am saying after buying one that I should have bought two of these to cook and eat them together. I guess I dodged that one and didn't suffer more, LOL.


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