August 21, 2017

We Tried Some Food at Hukad

We had a big family dinner at Hukad, a restaurant at a nearby mall. Hukad is a Filipino restaurant. Its menu have lots of Pinoy food and refreshments/desserts.

We ordered a lot of food here and we'll start with my favorite dish, sisig. This the most commonly served sisig, pork. I ate a lot of sisig dishes so I'll say that Hukad's pork sisig tastes good and there's a small amount of anise in it (well it tasted like anise, so yeah).

Here's the baked tahong (mussels). I know it's delicious especially when paired with beer but I rarely eat these things because when it comes to seafood, I only eat fish...

...and this is the tuna belly, I never read the menu but I think this one's grilled. I only eat fish, right? But just the meaty back part of the fish. I tasted this good-looking tuna dish but, for me, it doesn't taste that good. At first I didn't knew that it's the fish's belly so I just swallowed it instead of coughing it out after knowing what it is.

I forgot what they're called in the menu, but it looks and tasted like pork liempo (pork belly). It tastes good but our homemade liempo tastes better.

I missed the chance of trying these lumpia (spring rolls). I just took its photos then when I look back, they're gone.

Adding broth to the rice/garlic rice is nice and adds more flavor to the rice. And when you have grilled pork, fish and spring rolls. Pork sinigang (porridge) is the best broth to have. If you're not a fan of adding broth to rice then you can just put it in a small bowl and have a sip every time you take a bite on your food.

Overall, the food we ordered at Hukad tasted great and tasted even better when you have beer to chug 'em down. I never read the menu completely but the only thing I suggested to add is sisig, because I love them sisig dishes.


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