August 05, 2017

The Things I've Noticed While Playing Persona 5

I've just finished Persona 5. It's a great game and puts life to my very dusty PS3. So while playing this game, I've noticed some stuff and I'm here to share it. Oh by the way, I reviewed this game so check it out if you like. This post might contain some heavy spoilers so I suggest that you play and finish the game first before reading this post more.

This is a quick list. I tried to make the list as short as possible.

- Persona 5's (P5) opening resembles The World Ends With You's (TWEWY) intro. Both protagonists are in the middle of the Shibuya crossing, they both suddenly have a mysterious app and pin respectively, activates the mysterious things and weird stuff happened around them.

- There are some similarities from both P5 and TWEWY like the location and some gameplay mechanics that makes me think that TWEWY or its potential sequel will look like P5 if it's in 3D.

- TWEWY's Pin if activated makes the screen blue and in addition to people's thoughts, enemies and some hints will appear. This is like P5's Third Eye. Both protagonists even sometimes says "Focus" when they activate their respective game mechanic.

- P5 and TWEWY both have adult supporting characters that runs a Cafe/Coffee Shop.

- The protagonist of P5 have a Kaitou Kid (Detective Conan) vibe. Both look similar too except that the protagonist wears black thief clothing minus the hat.

- Kaitou Kid literally means Phantom Kid or Phantom Thief Kid.

- Sojiro Sakura, the owner of Leblanc Cafe, resembles Daisuke Jigen (Lupin III) when he's wearing his formal clothes and hat.

- Goro Akechi's color scheme while wearing his school uniform is similar to Light "Kira" Yagami from the anime/manga, Death Note.

- The mental shutdown incidents in P5 resembles Death Note's heart attack phenomena.

- Like Death Note, one of the requirements of entering someone's Palace is to know his/her full name.

- In Persona series' long-running coincidence when it comes to school emblems resembling car manufacturer logos, Shujin Academy's emblem resembles Citroen's logo.

- Morgana's car form resembles Citroen's 1979 H Van.

- Ann Takamaki's thief form is similar to DC's Catwoman, both wield whips and they have a "cat burglar" suit.

- Yusuke Kitagawa and Jun Kurosu (Persona 2) have similar looks and design.

- Futaba Sakura's pose in her thief artwork by Shigenori Soejima looks similar to one of Shunya Yamashita's artwork of Marvel's Black Widow.

- This is a loose reference but Futaba's way of sitting is similar to L (Death Note) and both characters wore masks in L's case to conceal his identity to Kira while for Futaba is just because she's just shy at revealing her face at first.

- The game's Wanna-B mascot looks like Monokuma (Danganronpa).

- You can get a Sheep prize while playing the UFO catcher in the arcade in Akihabara. The sheep's box and pose echoes one of Atlus and P Studio's game, Catherine.

- The behavior or the theme of the major bosses in Persona 5 are based on the seven deadly sins: Lust, Envy, Greed, Gluttony, Wrath, Pride and Sloth.

- Don't you guys think Kaneshiro looks like Psy (Gangnam Style) in his boss form?

- Masayoshi Shido and Steven Armstrong (Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance) share some similarities: both are politicians and have super buffed forms in their boss fight.

- HEAVY SPOILER ALERT: If you pay really close attention to the story and the characters' conversations, you'll know very early that Akechi have knowledge about the Metaverse and have a Persona. And my first impression of Akechi after the "pancakes" is that he's "a-sketchy" guy... see what I did there?

- The toy guns in P5 will work like real guns in the Metaverse. Persona titles share the same universe so if the Persona 3 S.E.E.S. party enters the Metaverse, use their guns to shoot their heads to summon their Personas, wouldn't that kill them?

So I'll stop here, I've noticed lots of things while playing this game, I just listed some interesting ones or I forgot most of them because they're so many. Care to share some things that I've missed?


P.S.: I love this game so much so in respect to the game and it's over-use of the red color, I swapped its game case with a red one (from a Greatest Hits re-release of some games)


After... Look at that red color, so fitting.
Check out my Persona 5 written review on HCF! It's been a while since  I reviewed a game.

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