June 15, 2013

ToyCon 2013... A New Frontier

[Pics will be uploaded soon]

I had nothing else to do, then my friend sent me a text message saying that I should go to the mall and check out ToyCon 2013, so I just went there to check it out.

Well what I see is a "new world", well not entirely new actually, it's just because this is my first time to go in this event. Since this is my first time, I expected lots of great and important stuff in here. But alas, it's a bit of a disappointment because I expected to see prototype toys, and newly released toys from popular toy makers. There's also no new toy announcement... 

And it's stupid on my part that I didn't bring an extra battery for my camera... d'oh!

Back to the event. This is all about toys so there are lots of them, the toys ranges from small to almost life-size and fake to authentic. There lots of old/bargain toys, rare toys, and there are some new toys for sale. I saw some awesome figure displays from Revoltech Philippines. Greattoysonline.com have two booths because they have lots of toys to sell. MaxiCollector is there too, as usual, their really expensive toy displays are awesome. There are great custom toy works too. So basically, this convention is like a "toy bazaar"

There's a cosplay event too, with special guest - Alodia Gosiengfiao - a.k.a. a very popular cosplayer in the Philippines (or Asia). I managed to have a photo with some cosplayers in the event. They're nice... and weird in a good way. I commend their effort for trying their best to portray their favorite anime/movie/videogame character. And it seems that the cosplay contest is the major event here?

Oh there's a small video game tournament going on there. I watched the Street Fighter X Tekken match. I also saw a cute and colorful shooter MMO game being promoted. There are so many comic books for sale too. Other booths have art commission services, art (digital/traditional) courses and job recruitment which are nice small additions to this event.

This is so unplanned that I didn't prepare any materials or money before going in that event (I even forgot to bring extra DSLR batteries). I just attended the 2nd day of the event, while this is a fun event, I have no intention on going back on its last day which is tomorrow... unless I plan on buying that rare Cloud and Fenrir Play Arts figure (mint condition) or the now already scarce Raiden Play Arts Kai Figure.

I'm planning to go back at next year's ToyCon though.

Cheers and Happy Collecting!

** More professional opinion soon on HCF blog.

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