May 09, 2015

Someone Used My Random Fun Image for Their Game

I don't know if I will be honored or annoyed about this. Someone actually used the image of the fusion of  Spongebob Minionpants (a fusion of Spongebob Squarepants and a Despicable Me minion) that I made just for fun. They used the said image for a game for smartphones.

The game is called Sponge Boxtroll-Ski. Judging by the name, I think they're really trolling me. I saw this game in Google Play Store and I haven't checked the Apple App Store if it's also there. The game was made by Magical Papercraft and it scored pretty low, 2.9 as of the screenshot below (I bookmarked the app so that I can easily see its status).

I know I'm the only one who actually made this. To make sure, I inspected every small detail of my (watermarked) work and the image used for the game to see if it's indeed mine... and what do you know it is. They just covered the whole image (including my almost hidden watermark) with a box.

I already contacted the developers by e-mail and I still get no response. I'm going to report this if they still not going to reply to my e-mail. BTW here's the link to the post where I featured my Spongebob Minionpants fusion edit -> My Works of 2013.

So what do you think, what would be your reaction if this happens to you?

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