May 30, 2015

[Toy News] DD Play Arts Kai Prototype, Venom Variant PAK Concept and Darth Maul Variant PAK

Time for another news about Play Arts Kai figures. More Variant Play Arts Kai action figures from well known franchises and a surprise Play Arts Kai figure

I know you already know some of these figures, I know they exists too but don't have time to write about them. Still, it's better late than never.

Okay first off, here's a concept art of Marvel's Venom as a Variant Play Arts Kai

Venom concept art seen in toy conventions
Actually Venom looks great. Judging from the concept art, I guess we will be getting an extra Venom head with his mouth open and his tongue extended. This toy will bring some web effects as accessories just like the upcoming Spiderman Variant PAK.

Darth Maul
Another Variant PAK that my radar didn't detect, probably I got caught by his Sith powers. This one looks great too. His face didn't stray from the original Darth Maul appearance. His cloak look much awesome than the original design.

And the next PAK figure is not a Variant and this one makes me happy and very excited.

DD the Diamond Dog!
Meet DD, Snake's animal companion in the very anticipated game Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. DD is the second animal PAK, first one is Red XIII from FFVII:AC.

The image is tweeted by Hideo Kojima. I don't know what will be his accessories. I think his head is changeable because the knife on his mouth looks sculpted, I'm guessing he also got his normal head without a knife. This is just a prototype so some changes might happen.

I also noticed that he's wearing a sneaking suit. Does that mean there's a Normal "naked" DD PAK too?

So what are your thoughts about these PAK figures?

The blog post: 2015's Play Arts Kai Upcoming Action Figures has been updated

Cheers and Happy Collecting!

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