May 03, 2015

[Toy News] Noctis Play Arts Kai In Color

This is actually old news, but still worth writing about for those who collect Play Arts Kai action figures who still haven't read or heard about this (and this blog). Just as the title suggests, the prototype Noctis action figure is now colored!

Yeah, I'm still focused on collecting PAK figures and I fear that this is the only line that I can manage to collect, with some occasional random toys and figurines. Here's a couple of pictures that I snagged from the net hinting some of what we'll get on this toy.

Noct in full view
BTW this toy is shown during [Square-Enix Presents] in YouTube. My impressions on the colored prototype is quite positive. This toy looks exactly like its game counterpart and it seems that it's ready to be mass produced.
Nice! Two swords, I hope there's more
Noct PAK will come with two (or more?) swords, a long sword and a short sword. Both are really detailed

The action figure of Noctis looks very promising. I get a hunch that Noctis PAK will become available for purchase early or mid 2016, pre-orders will start later this year.

Cheers and Happy Collecting!

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