April 26, 2015

[Toy Review] Tifa Lockhart FFVII:AC Play Arts Kai

Another female character playing hard-to-get as a Play Arts Kai! She's a beautiful woman, physically and mentally strong, kind and motherly. She's also the owner of the 7th Heaven bar at Midgar and later at Edge. It's Tifa Lockhart from Final Fintasy VII: Advent Children movie! This toy got out of stock quickly, we all know the reasons why.

"Which is it, a memory or us?"
~ Tifa Lockhart ~


The front and back of the box. It's hard to see the PAK logo, it's under the FF7AC logo

Opened front cover. See the 7th heaven logo?
Just like the rest of the FFVII:AC packaging, it's coffin type. The front mimics the character's promotional render for the movie. Back shows different poses Tifa can pull off. Open the front cover to view the action figure and the other stuff that comes with Tifa's package and you can also see a very nice recreation of the church battle scene promo image.

Tifa got out from the box
Packaging includes: Tifa figure, Extra changeable face and hair, Open gloved hands (left/right), Bare fists (left/right), Gloved fists (left/right), Glove wearing hands, Display stand (with instructions)


This Tifa action figure never disappoints. A major improvement over the classic Play Arts toy. Now let's take a good closer look on Tifa.

Tifa's front, back, left and right sides
Tifa looks great! The toy is faithful to her movie counterpart, it looks perfect in my opinion. It looks great in detail and paint job so there's no need to mod this toy. The toy looks fragile but it's durable and can survive a 4ft drop. She fell down off the shelf after her photo session.

Tifa's everyday face in 5 angles

Sad looking face in 5 angles
Tifa's face is perfect. She's pretty on any viewing angles. The face sculpts are great with very nice paint application.

[left] Default hair
[right] Flowing hair

The hair sculpts looks great too, really detailed and shiny. It's also super soft and thin (it feels like real hair too sometimes) so that the head can move easily.

Simple yet cool looking get-up
Tifa's wears new set of clothes in the movie. It looks leathery and mostly black in color, it feels the same to this toy. The well sculpted and painted zipped black top part and the white top underneath is short so Tifa's navel is showing a bit. I feel awkward to say this, but here goes... Tifa's bossoms is soft. It's intended to make some arm and torso poses possible, maybe it's a new PAK standard to chest pieces?

Her arm looks normal, no problems here. Nice skin paint and shading too, a bit shiny though. 

The left arm have a pink ribbon tied on the bicep. The ribbon is not painted entirely. 

Left hand zoomed in. The ring looks like a wolf
The bare hands looks fine, the left hand have a kinda detailed ring on one of its fingers.

[left] The kneecaps
[right] The ribbon that makes the shorts look cool

She wears a nice pair knee-high shorts. And IMO it's much better than the skirts on the original game. The shorts looks simple, with black ribbons to make it look unique and less boring. The leg's skin paint and shadings looks fine, and again, kinda shiny. She's got nice semi-chunky legs.

The coolest-black-apron-ever-made!

Tifa's epic apron doesn't have wires in it. I don't know why they didn't put some in? The wired apron could have make some action poses believable.

That's how she tie her shoes
The hi-cut Chuck Taylor style boots hybrid looks rad. Nice sculpt on the shoelaces and the soles. The shoes' ankle and toe parts are soft.


As a martial artist, Tifa doesn't have any weapons. Her body is her weapon, that's why we only got a bunch of pair of hands as accessories for Tifa. Good thing that they made an extra changeable face and hair, giving this toy variety.

She's pretty handy... get it?
We got extra pairs of really nice and simple gloved and bare hands.

[left] Bare fists
[right] A closer look on the left fist. Check out the ring

The bare hands have a ring on the left hand. These hands are really detailed. I think the bare fists is unnecessary, unless she wants to punch someone using her left fist with a ring on it. 

[left] Open gloved hands
[right] Gloved fists

The gloved hands looks really leathery and detailed with some wrinkles, seams and other tiny details.

Glove wearing hands
Another pair of hands are special, this pair makes Tifa pose like she's wearing her gloves. And that is its only function

[left] Box pose #1: Gloves on
[right] Tifa's feeling down or tired

Tifa's other face have an expression, it's looking down or it looks mellow. This face can be used in few different ways. If used together with the glove-wearing hands, we can make look Tifa is looking at her hands while wearing the gloves.

Just standing normally
The extra hair is flowing sideward. We can say that this is a wind effect or the hair is flowing when Tifa's moving or pulling some turning round house kicks.

Seeing something far away
You can change then mix and match the face and hair by pulling the bangs first then the face. The back of the hair is the one that connects the head to the neck ball joint. Be careful on pulling Tifa's hair, it's so soft and thin that it can snap. That again sounds awkward...

The display stand packaging got some instructions around it
Ok, here's the display stand that I'm not going to use.


This version of Tifa must have lots of posing ability, because this is a PAK toy and Tifa is a graceful brawler. Her poses will make up with the lack of accessory variety.

She's looks nice and pretty
Tifa can move her head nicely and normally. The neck is articulated too. it can tilt up and down. The head and neck joints have nice range of movement but they're semi-loose.

[left] Box pose #3: Tifa's fighting stance
[right] Up and ready for a bar brawl!

Her chest as I've said earlier is soft, for a bit more range of motion on that part, it also helps the arms to move. The abs and waist can move realistically and its hollow areas stays hidden.

Ball hinge joints for the shoulder this time
Tifa's shoulders have clicky ball-hinge joints and we don't have to worry about these joints getting loose easily. I think the butterfly hinges are different because I didn't see any extra skin when moving the shoulders. Anyways, the shoulders got excelent movement.

[left] Kung-fu stance, maybe?
[right] Palm strike!

The biceps doesnt have swivel joints, what's up with that? But hey, the ball-hinged elbows can do the swiveling motion without any problems. The wrists, as usual, have excellent movement range even when using the gloved hands with extra plastic scuplt.

[left] Box pose #2: Gonna kick!
[right] Going for a leaping punch attack

The legs too have excellent poseability. It can twist, raise up, down and sideward really well. The double-jointed knees looks good when folded thanks to the knee caps. The soft shoes makes the ankles move easily. And the classic toe swivel is back in this toy, good for stable footing.

[left] Suffering from a headache or stress
[right] Flex that bicep!

These great joints can make Tifa pull some kicking, jumping, leaping and sitting (kinda) poses. I didn't try to make Tifa do the splits, but I think it's possible.

"I'm gonna win!"
Now for the 10-incher PAK scaling comparison...

Tifa with Lightning and Sora
It's a bit disappointing when I saw Lightning is shorter than Tifa. Come on! Even Lightning is an inch taller than Cloud when it comes to realistic height measurments. Sora's size is fine when he stand besides Tifa. 

With non-Final Fantasy characters
Raiden is still the tallest in my collection. And to Leon's perspective, Tifa is a super model.

Check out the comic at the end of Cloud Trading Arts Kai Mini review to know the story.
Even though I'm a bit disappointed, their scaling is still good in some applications, looks odd though.


No broken joints and sculpts. The toy is intact without any missing parts. Aside from the loose joints which are fixable, I give this thumbs up for quality!


Tifa takes Lightning's throne as the prettiest Play Arts/Play Arts Kai figure in my collection. The toy is 100% accurate to its movie counterpart. Contributing to her pretty face is her great build quality, excellent detail and poseability. Her kinda downside is the lack of more hand gestures. Tifa is a character in my upcoming toy project(s), now I just need a few characters then the major part of the project will start. Oh, get her now fellow PAK collectors and especially Final Fantasy fans or you'll regret it. Tifa is a best seller in toy shops that sell PAK action figures.

I made another toy edit after how many months..? I don't know. lol.

"When will he come home?"

Still flexing my photography and editing skillz! :D

Cheers and Happy Collecting!

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