May 12, 2015

Video Reviews, Should I Do It?

A friend found out that I review mostly stuff from two genres - Video Games and Toys - in my blog and asked me personally if I'm going to make video reviews about toys and video games. Here are my answers.

Toy Reviews

I would like to do video reviews about toys but currently don't have a good video recorder or a smartphone with at least 20 megapixel camera. Call me picky but I need them to deliver a wider selection of video quality options in YouTube.

A video review will be much better if you have a space to review toys. Right now, I review my toys in my room and my room is kinda small and it's hard to set up a camera on a tripod without bumping into anything.

I live in a neighborhood with lots of ambient noise. These noises include: Bad family arguments and children crying in a very nearby house. I live near an airport so I can hear airplanes taking off or touching down. Noisy neighbor and stray dogs. These noises disrupts any video review, unless a room is shielded by any ambient noise that comes from outside.

My voice doesn't sound good and it can ruin a video review. I just need to practice to speak and hear my voice in 3rd person, because I kinda don't know how I really sound like.

Video Game Reviews

This is different than doing a toy review. You do toy reviews either live or record now, do a narration later or a combination of both and it only requires a camera, tripod and a quiet place. Video reviews requires a video capturing device if you want to review games from consoles like PS3, PS4, Xbox360, Xbox One, etc. It also requires a high-end PC to record great quality videos from game consoles. Reviewing games on PC is easier because you only need a video recording software to record gameplay on a PC.

I don't have any of those said items so no video game reviews for now.

Well those are my answers, very detailed answers version to be exact. While I prefer written reviews because I find it more enjoyable and it requires few resources, I would like to do video reviews too. I just need a better set of equipment to pull it off.


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