June 26, 2017

Marvel Variant Play Arts Kai Black Panther Official Photos and Price

With the Black Panther movie coming soon. Square-Enix just released the official photos of the Marvel Variant Play Arts Kai of Black Panther in the wild!

Black Panther
This Black Panther is so "edgy" with his suit's very angular design. His head looks small too, maybe because he got a huge torso or just his suit is so armored up. The suit is obviously mostly black with bluish and purple-ish shadings/hues on some parts and linings. I like the design of this BP, it looks kinda close to the Civil War movie.

He's ready to pounce and stab.
Black Panther have disappointingly few accessories. He got his two daggers and three pairs of extra hands.

This figure costs around $133.00 (approx Php.6,700.00). I think the price should be a bit lower because of the lack of accessory variety. So are you planning to pick this guy up? Pre-orders are available now, by the way.

Cheers and Happy Collecting!

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