June 07, 2017

Final Fantasy XV Play Arts Kai Aranea Highwind Official Photos

Well! I saw this one coming but still a wish come true! Here's some of the official photos of Aranea Highwind, a female Dragoon party member from Final Fantasy XV.

UPDATE 06.20.17: Price added

Aranea Highwind, the mercenary Dragoon
Most people will think that her design looks similar, or harshly - a rip-off, to Lightning (LR:FFXIII). But during of the development of FFXV (it's called FF Versus XIII at the time) Aranea is already shown in one of the earlier trailers. That means she's already a finished character before LR:FFXIII, so Lightning's design is probably inspired by Aranea's design.

I can't wait to put her side by side with Lightning.
Aranea have some pretty nice amount of accessories. She got her helmet, a spear, a whip-looking thing. She also got two pairs of extra hands.

Pre-orders for this action figure will start on June 19th. Still no official price yet but I will update this post once I know its price. Well, this is a no-brainer for me, I will pick this one up... what about you? All that's left now is Iris. Come on SQEX make it happen again!

UPDATE: This action figure costs around 12,580 Yen (around $113.00/ Php.5670.00). Nice price for a cool-looking PAK figure.

Cheers and Happy Collecting!

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