June 17, 2017

FFVII Remake Cloud Strife Special Color Version Photos

Square-Enix revealed a different color version of Cloud Strife that's looks similar to the other SOLDIER uniforms.

This is just a recolored version of Cloud, his uniform is (bluish) purple. It looks like a SOLDIER 2nd Class uniform from Crisis Core.

No new accessories for this version though. But the Buster Sword has red sword grip and the hands have brown paint app that makes it look more leathery.

This guy costs around $143.00 (approx. Php.7,200.00) more expensive than the normal Remake Cloud PAK. I guess if you got left out with the normal version like me, you can pick this one up. As for me, I think I'll still pass, because I'm quite happy with the Advent Children version that's way more cheaper the day it was released. So are you going to get this special color version of Cloud?

Cheers and Happy Collecting.

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