August 01, 2016

[HCF Update] July Video Game Reviews Plus Minor Randomy Random Update

I haven't been reviewing a lot of games in the HCF blog page lately but I'm glad that I managed to review a couple of games for July and hope to review more soon.

Video Game Reviews: July 2016

I still don't have any latest video game console and handhelds, so I will be reviewing older games. I will be covering more games from Nintendo DS and PSP. I might review much older games too.

Visit HCF for written video game reviews!

Now for the minor [Randomly Random] blog page update...

The toy review that I'm supposed to post last July got delayed because of the following reasons: work and I just switched rooms then renovated/flipped it. I also prioritized my SDCC 2016 PAK coverage and my HCF video game reviews, because HCF is seriously lacking content.

Good news is that the toy review almost finished, I just need to proofread it, remove redundant stuff or wright new insights about the toy and then post it ASAP.


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